Pinnacle Promotions Boost Their UK Business Network

London-based sales and event marketing firm Pinnacle Promotions believe that to succeed in business, it's vital to build a strong network of like-minded, driven individuals. The firm recently met with some of the UK's leading industry professionals at two major networking events.

Based in London, Pinnacle Promotions are specialist providers of engaging, customer-focused sales and marketing services. The firm believe that in today's technology led world, the customer experience is declining and that consumers are growing increasingly isolated from their favourite brands. To rectify this, Pinnacle Promotions offer brands a unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with their consumers and personalise the customer experience so that customers feel more connected and in tune with brands. Through face-to-face event marketing the firm meet with customers on their clients' behalf and take the time to learn about their individual needs, questions and concerns. The firm then use this data to tailor a service which meets their requirements and takes into account their individual preferences. By putting customer needs at the heart of their marketing approach Pinnacle Promotions are able to dramatically increase their clients' ROI, brand loyalty and customer acquisition.

About Pinnacle Promotions:

To stay on top of their game, Pinnacle Promotions are always striving to boost their understanding on new markets and emerging trends. One way in which the firm do this is by attending as many industry events as possible in order to build solid business relationships with other industry professionals and experts. Most recently, managing director Paul McGrath attended a business owners meeting on 5th September at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham. The event, which was organised by the UK's most respected industry consultants, provided attendees with the chance to share ideas and experiences and discuss new strategies and strengthen UK wide business connections.

Pinnacle Promotions believes that networking at these events is important for a number of different reasons.Firstly the firm believe that in such a competitive results-driven industry it's important for sales and event marketing professionals to develop strong friendship networks. Business can become a lonely and stressful environment and it is vital to mental wellbeing to have a network of people who understand the journey and can provide relief. The firm also believe that networking can open up a wealth of opportunities to business owners. The more connections a professional makes the more opportunities they are likely to uncover which can propel the growth of their business forward. Lastly Pinnacle Promotions believes attending industry events can help business owners to develop a better attitude, as being surrounded by like-minded, positive people can be incredibly influential. Spending time with people who share the same goals and values can help a business owner to stay on course and push them forward even when they come face-to-face with challenges. Pinnacle Promotions believe having a constant motivational influence from those around them has helped them to get to where they are today, and the firm are now keen to pay this back by helping new and emerging business owners feel inspired and driven.

To continue the growth of their network, Pinnacle Promotions are set to attend a regional conference in London on 13th of September.

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