Pinnacle Promotions Urges Businesses to Form a Strong Partnership between Sales and Marketing

Traditionally, sales and marketing have operated independently of each other. However, due to changes within the customer journey direct marketing firm Pinnacle Promotions believes 2016 is the year businesses should be forming connections between these two areas.

About Pinnacle Promotions:

Other than the occasional planning session or quarterly review, sales and marketing departments have predominantly operated separately. The reason for this was always influenced by the customer journey; which began and ended within the sales department. However, times have now changed and marketers are no longer on the side-line when it comes to customer experience. Rather than awareness generation being their sole responsibility, marketers now play a pivotal role in the customer life cycle, putting their skills to use in more complex areas such as development, customer satisfaction and brand engagement.

With customers becoming more savvy about where they spend their money, and seeking out brand content both online and offline, marketers are contributing to sales on a greater scale than ever before. However for these efforts to be effective marketers need to ensure they are delivering a seamless customer experience which means forming an alliance with sales departments and collaborating to guarantee customer needs are met.

For a while now London-based sales and direct marketing firm Pinnacle Promotions has been reaping the rewards of merging sales and marketing functions. Doing so has allowed the firm to share information faster throughout the company, increase efficiency and deliver a smooth and engaging customer experience. To further outline the importance of forming connections between these two areas in 2016, and help businesses take the first step towards greater efficiency the firm have shared the following advice.

  • 1.Measure

Whilst it's up to the sales team to hit specific targets, marketers need to understand the language and know what targets the sales team are working towards also. This will help them develop better content that aides the sales team in reaching particular goals.

  • 2.Cut the Fluff

Dealing with customers and clients on a daily basis means that sales people are often bombarded with emails and calls. To avoid unintentionally adding to this workload, marketers should practice being clear and concise in their communications.

  • 3.Add personality

Collaborative meetings between sales and marketing shouldn't be boring, they should inspire action, approach issues from new exciting perspectives and create opportunities. To get both areas working harmoniously businesses should set aside time for creativity, resolution and clarification to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Based in London, Pinnacle Promotions are experts in delivering effective sales and event marketing solutions to a range of businesses across the UK. Working on their clients' behalf the firm design and implement engaging campaigns which they deliver one-on-one to consumers. Through meaningful communication and engaging marketing content and presentations the firm is able to build lasting relationships and increase their clients' reach and sales.

Pinnacle Promotions firmly believe that their success can be credited to their ability to merge sales and marketing in order to create a streamlined, attentive service to their clients' consumers, and believe that to succeed in 2016, businesses need to recognise the benefits of integrating these areas.


based in London, Pinnacle Promotions help their clients to expand their market reach and increase their sales through face to face, event marketing techniques.

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