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​Jamie Baulch Launches Revolutionary Charity Fundraising Platform

Olympian, Jamie Baulch, has today announced details of his new business venture, BidAid. In a mission to make charity fundraising easier, the... read more

Press Release • 18.10.2018 • By BidAid


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM : Cledara will launch its own-branded virtual Mastercard Debit Card tomorrow on stage at SaaStock, one of Europe’s... read more

Press Release • 15.10.2018 • By Cledara

Stock picture market is sinister

“Good quality picture costs around 20 pounds. It happens that you buy a picture for a client and he changes his mind after showing it to his... read more

Press Release • 09.10.2018 • By Tokia LTD

Elderly Tablet Users Face Double The Risk Of Injuring Themselves

New research also shows a growing trend in tablet related injuries among elderly users Key findings: New research shows elderly tablet users... read more

Press Release • 09.10.2018 • By iBeani

Health Websites Share Our Activity with 57 Third-Parties on Average

89% of web users use self-diagnosis websites, 58% unaware their activity is shared Research conducted by cyber security company, B9 Systems Ltd,... read more

Press Release • 08.10.2018 • By B9 Cyber Security Systems

Totally Wicked Celebrates its 10th Anniversary in the Vaping industry

Contact: Neil Joyce. Email – [email protected] . Phone – 01254 692244 Totally Wicked is celebrating 10 years at the... read more

Press Release • 01.10.2018 • By Totally Wicked Ltd

The State shouldn't control love

In September 2018, two very important events for blockchain technology occurred in Brazil, and on the Decred blockchain. The first was the... read more

Press Release • 01.10.2018 • By Decred

You can finally use cryptocurrency for your everyday transactions!

Paying for your groceries via debit card is no surprise to anyone, but buying it with bitcoin seems like the thing from a futuristic movie. It’s... read more

Press Release • 26.09.2018 • By Tokia LTD

Syrenis makes major updates to its flagship product

Martech software company Syrenis has made major updates to its hugely popular Preference Centre system. The system, which handles almost a... read more

Press Release • 26.09.2018 • By Syrenis Ltd

Specialist IT Network Consultancy firm EDNX Offers Outsourcing Services to Cisco Partners in the UK

EDNX is an IT Network Consultancy company specialising in Software Defined Networks . It is founded by two network experts David Ratcliffe and... read more

Press Release • 25.09.2018 • By EDNX