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SocialBox.Biz and New Horizon Youth Centre Partnership Providing Homeless Youth with Laptops

Laptops help homeless youth discover and pursue career and education MAY 23, 2019 - The team at Social Box Biz has just announced a... read more

Press Release • 23.05.2019 • By Trading Enterprises CIC

Swiss employees not given enough support to act ethically, reveals Institute of Business Ethics’ survey /userassets/surveys/2018_ibe_ ews 2018_sws_int.pdf A fifth of Swiss employees say that their organisation does not... read more

Press Release • 23.05.2019 • By Institute of Business Ethics

From BP, to Legal & General, SocialBox.Biz is Making a Big Impact Today

SocialBox.Biz has teamed up with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, businesses, and charities to improve the lives of the homeless, refugees,... read more

Press Release • 22.05.2019 • By Trading Enterprises CIC

Laptops for Homeless People Initiative : SocialBox.Biz and Centrepoint Join Forces to Further Education and Careers #esg #csr #cio #uk #london

SocialBox.Biz, is a London-based community interest venture that re-homes old, donated computers with people in accommodation services, including... read more

Press Release • 22.05.2019 • By Trading Enterprises CIC

New Book by Psychohistorian Reveals Truth About Hitler Jewish Svengali

In his book, Triumph of the Will? psychohistorian Dr David Lewis reveals the incredible truth about Hitler’s secret, Jewish, Svengali. In the... read more

Press Release • 15.05.2019 • By Dr David Lewis

Things Not To Say to a Guide Dog Owner

Quiet please…guide dogs at work! I love being out in the social scene. It’s even better when Zodiac, my assistance dog, is panting by my side –... read more

Press Release • 13.05.2019 • By Visualise Training & Consultancy

Darryl Edwards discusses ‘Why working out isn’t working out?’

75% of UK children spend less time outside than the average prison inmate.  By absolutely no coincidence, 75% of UK adults will die... read more

Press Release • 09.05.2019 • By Primal Play

Aviva To Support SocialBox.Biz’s ‘Laptop for the Homeless” Initiative

SocialBox.Biz has joined forces with Aviva to help provide disadvantaged people with access to technology through its ‘laptops for the homeless’... read more

Press Release • 03.05.2019 • By Trading Enterprises CIC

Happy 25th JobServe

Formed by Robbie Cowling and John Witney, JobServe, the world's first Internet Recruitment Service is about to celebrate its 25 th year of... read more

Press Release • 03.05.2019 • By JobServe

Go Vegan World Calls on Aer Lingus to Cater for Vegans

Go Vegan World has written to Aer Lingus to point out that they are currently in breach of their legal obligations under European human rights... read more

Press Release • 03.05.2019 • By Go Vegan World