Pinnacle Promotions Investigate Who Lost the Marketing War in 2015

London based firm, Pinnacle Promotions looks further into the 2015 marketing war and its winners and losers before outlining why direct marketing is the key for business success.

Marketers don't always play nice, especially when the company is trying to take on one of their closest rivals. Often, the most brutal battles come in the form of comparative advertising - the direct comparison of one company's product to another. The classic example being Coke and Pepsi. Once the line is drawn, it's up to the opposition to either fire back or ignore its competitor. In the end, some companies will become causalities and the marketing wars will always have winners and losers.


In a recent online article on (The Marketing Year: The Losers, published on 7th December 2015) those companies that become causalities of the 2015 marketing war were revealed. Direct marketing firm Pinnacle Promotions shares some examples of those losing out.

In 2015, many brands and publishers ditched the male-centric themes of bloke jokes and objectifying women in favour of more refined messaging. The foremost example is Foster's long-running 'Good Call' campaign being dropped and instead launched their 'Why the hell not?' campaign in order to increase its appeal to women. Twitter also admitted to having an image problem in 2015. The company's second quarter results showed the rise in active users was the slowest since its IPO in 2013, and revenue growth was also slower compared to the previous quarter both of which contributed to an 11% drop in share price.

Direct marketing firm Pinnacle Promotions believes direct marketing is the key for success in 2016. This is because it delivers a memorable experience every time using face-to-face marketing techniques. Customers are a firm's best source of feedback about their products and services. Pinnacle Promotions use their direct marketing strategies to allow feedback to be generated instantly which can be inputted into the very next customer.

Pinnacle Promotions is a sales and direct marketing firm based in London. The firm specialises in creating exciting and effective direct event marketing campaigns that bring their clients' products and services directly to the consumer. Pinnacle Promotions believes that direct marketing is the key for success because it gives customers a positive and personalised buying experience so that they can really build a connection with a brand.


Pinnacle Promotions offers personalised marketing services in order to deliver a high ROI to consumers. For more information Follow @Pinnacle_Pro on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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