Pinnacle Promotions: 4 things most businesses forget about when branding their business

Branding in business is something that requires careful planning and execution. Pinnacle Promotions unveils four branding tips that every business owner must consider.

According to a recent article on (4 Little Known Branding Strategies You're Probably Not Using, published on 27th January 2016) branding is an underused and under appreciated marketing technique. The definition of branding is 'the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products'. Pinnacle Promotions believes that there are few marketers today who are proactively extending their branding efforts to produce more effective brands.

About Pinnacle Promotions:

Effective branding today is no longer just catchy names and clever logos. It now encompasses many things including the internet, social media and relationship building. Sales and event marketing firm Pinnacle Promotions believe that many businesses today are not using branding to its full potential and as a result have discussed 4 tips that businesses should do when branding their business.

1. Be human

Brands need to have a personal touch to be authentic. Pinnacle Promotions believe that brands will gain much more interaction if it can communicate a true personality and human touch through it's branding strategy.

2. Visual content should be used

Visual content is a significant factor when engaging through digital channels. People today are very image driven so Pinnacle Promotions state that brands should be consistently present on viral platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

3. Content created should have a unique voice

Content marketing is the greatest driver of brand awareness. Pinnacle Promotions support the idea that a brand's voice should match their marketing goals and target the needs of the customer.

4. Emotion needs to be prevalent in content

Brands need to harness emotion - this is called emotional branding. Pinnacle Promotions know that a customer's decision-making process is harnessed by emotion, so it must be an essential part of the marketing strategy.

Pinnacle Promotions is a sales and direct marketing firm based in London. The firm specialises in creating exciting and effective direct event marketing campaigns that bring their clients' products and services directly to the consumer. Pinnacle Promotions believes that direct marketing is essential when branding a company because it gives customers a positive and personalised buying experience so that they can really build a connection with the brand.


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