Want to Start a Business in the UK? La Dominion Acquisitions Say do it Now

Britain’s economy is recovering slowly. With ongoing optimism among small enterprises, La Dominion Acquisitions suggest now is a good time for entrepreneurs to start a new business.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) report confidence among small enterprises in Britain is at an all-time high. 40% have experienced an increase in revenues for the third quarter of 2013, while 54% are planning to expand over the coming year (cnbc.com). “It is fantastic to see such wave of optimism,” says Franck Benachour, Managing Director of direct marketing firm La Dominion Acquisitions in central London. “With increasing government support it is a good time for entrepreneurs to live their dream and start up their own business,” adds Franck Benachour.

Leading UK entrepreneur James Caan, who felt encouraged by the government’s positive attitude towards business start-ups, shares Franck Benachour’s opinion: “They’ve been encouraging the banks, they’ve been providing start-up capital and they’re relaxing taxation” (cnbc.com). There are however critics who claim that banks are not lending enough to entrepreneurs.

Mike Cherry, Policy Chairman of the FSB, explains: “Government has helped 30,000 businesses through its support schemes in the past two years. But new businesses would benefit from more unified and coherent support, as not all employers are aware of the help that is available to them.” Others are concerned as the Bank of England’s most recent report on lending in the UK economy, Trends in Lending, published in July 2013, shows that net lending to small and medium sized businesses was negative throughout 2012. While lending to businesses has picked up this year, it is still less than loan repayments made by small and medium sized enterprises (cnbc.com).

Franck Benachour of La Dominion Acquisitions feels that the government could bring more clarity about what is available. “The support provided through the government’s lending scheme and the guidance for entrepreneurs is better than ever, but now I would love to see the opportunities to be spread.” Franck Benachour continues: “Small businesses hold the British economy together and the more entrepreneurs feel safe enough to start up their own business, the better for the economical recovery.”

Head of Enterprise at the Confederation of British Industry, Hayley Conboy, says: “Any savvy business owner will be monitoring the markets, but our main message is a positive one. If you’ve got the right product, the right service and the right technology, then have the confidence and ambition to maximise and commercialise that right now, because support is available” (cnbc.com).

La Dominion Acquisitions are a direct marketing firm based in Southwark, London, UK. “By starting up my own business I have put my dream into reality,” says Franck Benachour. “I have received the relevant guidance and support and found this crucial to boost my confidence. I am a very determined person and can only call for all ambitious entrepreneurs to take advantage of the support available and get started.” La Dominion Acquisitions are currently planning to expand into further markets throughout 2014.


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