La Dominion Acquisitions MD Endeavours to Become an Influential Communicator

A survey by Aberfield Communications has found that eight out of the ten companies with the most influential CEO’s outperformed the FTSE 100 Index in 2013. La Dominion Acquisitions MD, Franck Benachour aims to follow in these influencers footsteps in 2014.

Managing director Franck Benachour of La Dominion Acquisitions has recently announced his ambition to become an influential leader and communicator in the field of outsourced sales. His announcement has come after a recent survey by Aberfield Communications which researched into this year’s top performing companies. The survey discovered that eight out of the ten companies with the most influential CEO’s outperformed the FTSE 100 Index in 2013.

In the period from January 2 to October 31 the FTSE 100 rose by just 14.1 percent, but the share price of the ten companies who had the most influential communicators as their leaders saw a 34.3 percent increase. This year, Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King moved up from his 2012 second place slot into first position, and was followed by Paul Polman of Unilever and easyJet’s Corolyn McCall ranked third.

Franck Benachour’s desire to become an influential communicator is a bold move as it will open him up for criticism. “I welcome the opportunity and hope to learn more about how to please customers, clients and our suppliers. Open communication is always going to be essential to success and I want to be able to influence some of the major changes ahead within the direct sales industry,” says Franck Benachour of La Dominion Acquisitions.

Having credibility, being assertive, open to criticism, creating rapport and resolving conflicts with logic are just a few of the key leadership traits influential leaders require in order to be successful ( By developing and honing these skills in the New Year, Franck Benachour can enhance his role and reputation as an influential communicator within the outsourced sales and marketing industry. Frank Benachour believes his business La Dominion Acquisitions will gain further credibility from his influential status, and hopes to contribute to the developments in the industry in the near future.

La Dominion Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. Specialising in customer acquisition, La Dominion Acquisitions work with national clients within the entertainment, gaming, security and non-profit industries. The firm uses direct marketing techniques to interact and engage with customers on a personal level. La Dominion Acquisitions will increase sales, boost brand awareness and customer loyalty on behalf of their clients.


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