La Dominion Acquisitions: Customer Service Determines a Business’ Success or Failure

The newest Which? survey reveals the best and the worst brands when it comes to customer satisfaction. La Dominion Acquisitions explain why a business’ service mentality can either lead to its success or its failure.

According to the latest Which? survey, Lush, Lakeland and First Direct are the top brands for customer satisfaction ( “With a still challenging economy, many companies have yet to understand the connection between customer satisfaction and business growth,” says Franck Benachour, Managing Director of La Dominion Acquisitions. For the survey, British consumers were asked to rate on six aspects of customer service, including staff knowledge, the ability to deal with issues and feeling like a valued customer. The 3,331 respondents were then asked to give each brand an overall score out of ten. The Which? survey rates 100 of the biggest companies on customer service and compares brands against each other, regardless of what they sell (

While Lush is on the top of the list with 88% customer satisfaction and five stars for its helpful and knowledgeable staff and leaving shoppers feeling like valued customers, Ryanair brings up the rear with 54% and only two stars across all categories ( “It is shocking to see such an enormous discrepancy between the two brands,” says Franck Benachour of La Dominion Acquisitions. “Customer satisfaction should be the number one priority for any business,” Franck Benachour continues. La Dominion Acquisitions strongly believe that consumers want to be well looked after and if they do not feel valued as a customer, they are likely to switch brands.

In fact, the Which? survey reveals that eight out of ten respondents see customer service as an important factor when deciding which brand to use. “Nowadays, people have a choice where to go. If they are not happy, they simply go elsewhere,” explains Franck Benachour. With 86%, nearly nine out of ten, respondents stating that they are willing to leave a brand that treats them poorly, it becomes clear how the quality of the customer service provided can either make or break even the biggest brands ( “Customer service decides about success or failure of any business,” insists Franck Benachour.

La Dominion Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. The company raises brand awareness on behalf of its clients and has a track record of providing excellent customer service and increasing their clients’ customer loyalty. Franck Benachour explains: “The reason why we can easily keep up with competitors is that we focus strongly on customer satisfaction. We want to make a difference to consumers. A shopping experience with us is personalised and one to remember,” adds a confident Franck Benachour. La Dominion Acquisitions have big plans ahead for the coming year as they were asked by their clients to expand into further markets by March 2014.


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