Ventas Central reviews 7 key characteristics of mentally strong people

Direct sales and marketing firm Ventas Central reviews the seven key traits outlined by a recent article on that mentally strong people possess, which contributes to their success at work.

Ventas Central define mental strength as the constant effort of pushing to be better, whilst maintaining a realistic optimism in setting healthy targets in business and personal spheres of life. Mentally strong people view everyday challenges as opportunities to grow stronger, and they never settle - there is always room for self-improvement (Inc, 2015).

About Ventas Central:

The sales and marketing firm believe that being mentally strong in business environments is critical to achieving success, and they agree that people don't often consider how to build that mental muscle while at work.

According to the article, mental strength incorporates the philosophy of understanding how emotions can influence thinking, and Ventas Central agree that balancing emotions with logic is key trait in the decision-making process.

Indeed, the mentally strong don't characteristically indulge in time-wasting activities, feel sorry for themselves, or give away their power. Ventas Central examine the other key attributes of mental strength outlined by the article, applied to business and lifestyle:

Embrace change

Making changes can be frightening, but skirting around it prevents business growth. Mentally strong people realise that although change can be uncomfortable, it's tolerable, and instead focus energy on adapting to change rather than resisting it.

Take calculated risks

A lack of knowledge about how to calculate risk leads to increased fear, but there's a risk to not taking a risk – complacency. Again, this prevents business growth, and mentally strong businessmen understand that taking the plunge is necessary from time to time.

Learn from the past and look to the future

Dwelling on the past can be self-destructive, but reflecting on lessons learned and considering facts rather than emotions can be extremely beneficial. Mentally strong people will look at past situations from a new perspective to ensure repeated mistakes are not made.

Stay positive

Feeling sorry for yourself when things don't go how you wanted is self-destructive, wastes time, creates negative emotions, and can hurt business and personal relationships. The goal of the mentally strong is to swap self-pity with gratitude.

Keep raising the bar

Mentally strong people recognise the need for continual personal development despite achieving relative success. Ventas Central believes that it's important to avoid complacency, as there's always someone willing to take your place!

Don't dwell on external factors out of your control

Shifting focus away from events that are uncontrollable will lead to increased happiness, less stress, new opportunities and ultimately more success. Ventas Central argue that mentally strong people are productive because they are able to successfully prioritise, and devote their resources to the things they can control.

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture

Whatever targets and goals in business and life are, stick to them. Mentally strong people make decisions with relative ease if they can understand how they might lead to a final goal, or ultimate aim both in life or business.

Ventas Central were inspired by the article and are looking to promote some of the key traits to their sales reps, in order to drive productivity and further business success in 2016.

Based in London, Ventas Central is a leading force within the sales and direct marketing industry. Specialising in outsourced sales and marketing campaigns the firm offer businesses effective strategies to boost customer relations and deliver exceptional results. Through face to face promotions the firm meet with their client's consumers one on one to fully understand their individual needs.



(Inc, 2015)

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