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With more customers turning to their peers and online reviews for guidance when making a purchase decision, traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective. Therefore Ventas Central are urging businesses to turn their attention to customer service to guarantee a strong sales pipeline.

In today's competitive marketplace, recommendations from trusted peers, online review sites and social media carry far more weight in consumers' eyes than bold brand promises and flashy marketing materials. With so many seemingly similar businesses to choose from, today's customers want instant information and efficient help when making a decision on whether to purchase and this has led the majority to seek out guidance online or through word of mouth. As a consequence many more traditional marketing techniques are failing to have the desired impact on consumers, aside from the fact customers are bombarded with such a high volume of marketing content on a daily basis that it is impossible not to tune it out to some degree. Modern customers simply don't have the trust or patience needed to fully engage with traditional marketing content. Therefore, to avoid investing too heavily in marketing techniques which won't generate an acceptable return, sales and event marketing firm Ventas Central are urging businesses to turn their attention to customer service to ensure word of mouth referrals and online reviews remain high.

About Ventas Central:

The firm are keen for businesses to understand that great customer service starts way before any money has changed hands. Customers expect businesses to be actively engaging with them and supporting them from their very first interaction and for the same level of engagement to continue long after they have completed the purchase. To live up to this expectation Ventas Central believes that businesses need to extend their communications further than the odd email or phone. With social media playing such a formidable role in consumers' lives, it's vital for businesses to have a strong online presence and commit to engaging with customers quickly through these platforms. With many customers feeling there are too many barriers standing between them and certain brands, the firm also believe it is important for businesses to get out there and meet with their customers in person. Real, in person communication offers customers a unique opportunity to access immediate support and form an emotional connection with a brand. This also aids businesses in developing their understanding of their target audience, boosting product development and allowing them to stay relevant on the open market.

Meeting with customers face-to-face also allows businesses to work as a unit, rather than a mishmash of departments. Nothing frustrates customers more than being passed from person to person, each more clueless than the next on that customer's situation and each telling them different things. Meeting customers in person drives a business to consolidate their customer service and marketing departments. This ensures that any special offers or discounts advertised by the marketing department are delivered by the customer service representatives, which streamlines the customer experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Ventas Central is a London based sales and event marketing firm. Through face-to-face marketing campaigns the firm act on behalf of brands, meeting with consumers and delivering a personalised, customer focused service. By engaging with customers on-on-one the firm are able to generate greater brand loyalty for their clients and provide them with a far higher return than that produced by more traditional, mass marketing and sales techniques.

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