Proviation- how a niche online retailer delivers benefits to the wider consumer

Proviation LTD trading as Proviation Pilot Shop has expanded its product range notably over recent years. Originally offering free aviation publications with an emphasis on flight safety, Proviation now offers some of the best aviation and pilot supplies products from manufacturers around the world. However, the Proviation shop has taken steps out of its niche market to serve the wider consumer.

This article explores the way in which a niche business can successfully expand out of its niche, while retaining a high standard of service and product expertise, across product boundaries.

Case Study: Proviation Background

Family-owned and operated, Proviation traditionally operated in an understated fashion, gradually building its client base.
However, the demand for the extensive range of products featured has propelled it into the mainstream. You can read more about the company here, at the Proviation Way

The company has found growth a challenge, and admits to have stumbled more than once, but has an unwavering commitment to service, which has led to Proviation developing new ways to handle its growth while maintaining an excellent standard of customer service.

The Proviation tagline is "Leading value, on price, professional expertise, and quality."

Proviation is a company growing out of a niche market, yet retaining its expertise and customer-focus

Proviation has a strategy of presenting often complex, niche aviation and pilot supplies products in a way that is far more user-friendly, often presented in a retail environment, rather than the often distant way in which some niche products are presented.

By being accessible, the Proviation website has been able to expand to include some fascinating products besides the aviation-themed items which form the main part of this pilot shop's offering.

Mainstream Outdoor Products- GoPro Cameras

In 2008, Proviation added GoPro cameras to its product range. Connected with aviation (GoPro cameras are used in aviation), this GoPro camera range propelled Proviation further into the mass market.

However, the company has retained its customer-focus and delivers extensive knowledge and support on GoPro cameras. Owing to its target market, Proviation offers a premium service on such products, which do command a high price.

A GoPro retailer, the range now includes the GoPro HERO3+ range, including the HERO 3 Plus Black Edition, undoubtably the finest action camera in the world.

Further recognition by major brands

Among the leading aviation brands which Proviation is chosen to represent (leading avionics brands, Pilot USA Headsets, Electronics International Avionics, Dual XGPS150 and XGPS 160 GPS units to name a few); Proviation was also chosen to represent exclusive UK sailing-themed retailer, Crew Clothing Company, in Autumn 2013!

A product range somewhat distant from aviation, the Crew Clothing Company range at Proviation cements the company's reputation as a premium retailer, which recognises that Crew Clothing is a brand which its customer base desires; as well as other visitors to the Proviation website who seek out premium clothing. As a member of the public, any customer can take advantage of the excellent service provided by the store.

Proviation illustrates how the qualities of a web-shop operating in a niche market can be delivered to the wider consumer

Proviation principally delivers its products to the aviation market. From private pilots seeking to take their first steps in buying pilot supplies, to owner-operators; Proviation delivers pilot supplies items from books and flight computers through to aircraft batteries and propellers; right through to aircraft parts and avionics systems.

Proviation has build up an extensive, yet focussed aviation product range. In particular the range of headsets at Proviation is a fine example. All aviation headsets were chosen on their individual merits to build a vast range of the highest quality. The Proviation Headset Buyers guide backs the range, and provides evidence of the Proviation expertise behind headsets. Before purchasing consider the Proviation Headset Buyers Guide first.

In successfully delivering this range of products to its main market, it has developed a retail expertise which now, customers outside of aviation, can also take advantage of.

We strongly recommend a visit to; support a family business, and benefit from some serious service expertise and quality.

In closing, we recommend the following products at Proviation to the wider public:

The beautiful range of leather flying jackets, and sheepskin flying jackets, stocked at Proviation; the Crew Clothing Company range; the electronics devices for those on the go; for example the incredible Dual XGPS150 and Dual XGPS160 iPad and iPhone bluetooth GPS systems; the incredible GoPro Camera range, in particular the GoPro HERO 3+ range.

You can visit the website at

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