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Not long ago aviation celebrated its 100th year; and recently there has been more media focus on aviation in general. Following the Dambusters celebrations, there has been a resurgence in shoppers seeking unique, aviation-themed clothing. And with vintage and retro being 'new' fashion buzzwords', the tired-looking sheepskin bomber jacket is becoming a prized possession once again.

Proviation.com stock a range of the very finest leather and sheepskin flying jackets, including RAF endorsed leather flying jackets, and the classic USAAF and Navy A2 Jacket, G1 jacket, and B3 flying jacket. Now, this range has expanded further as the company begins to think about the Autumn range of leather flying jackets.

Their own sheepskin bomber jacket is a particular favourite, hand-crafted in England in the finest quality English sheepskin in the Cotswolds. You can view the sheepskin jackets available by following this link http://http://proviationshop.co.uk/shop/category_814/Sheepskin-Bomber-Jackets.html?sessid=zPwDFeHHSP1NAucIyn3qna7D2coTy357r0s1gkKmuBBwR8aL6YIFH0cILwXGScw2&shop_param=cid=&

Since 2008, Proviation Lifestyle has expanded the range of flying clothing it carries, while always sticking to the same recipe; English-made jackets, always styled on original specifications.

As a result, flying jackets at Proviation are always unique, unlike those on the high street. And, they all carry a vintage. Whether designed exactly on original jackets, like the Vintage US Navy G1 jacket; or modern styles, taking their key qualities from tried-and-tested military designs; they are all thoroughbred jackets.

Proviation Ltd has the following key features when it comes to flying jackets:

"We pride ourselves on offering a range of stocked, and custom-made flying jackets of exemplary quality.

Pride of ownership is our goal with every one of our sheepskin and leather flying jackets. All of these are sourced based on original designs, and are made in the UK and USA in-house by craftsmen.

We don't rely on production lines, but on carefully crafting each jacket, one-at a time in partnership with our tailors.

We a small company which cares about the details; qualities borne out in every jacket featured at Proviation."

Proviation is an aviation retailer first and foremost; so its management and clientele know what they're looking for in flying clothing.

There has been a resurgence in 'retro' and vintage fashion items. And with high street stores offering less-than-premium non-genuine flying clothing for a premium price, we strongly urge shoppers to expand their horizons and consider the family-run specialist stores, such as Proviation Ltd.

For presents or for your own ambitions to own a quality flying jacket, we strongly urge you budding pilots, motorists or those who seek out the real, genuine article, to pay Proviation a visit.

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