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For all uk e-cigs lovers, and for electronic cigarette enthusiasts all over the world, a completely new concept of electronic cigarettes has been launched on the online market today! The Italian Brand Smokitaly is launching online the first electronic cigarettes entirely designed, assembled, tested and manufactured in Italy.

Smokitaly brings, now on the market, the first Italian Big Battery, called “ BeBe” which is a little gem of electronics; the body of BeBe is made entirely of recycled aluminum and it has a real electronic heart: an advanced technology microchip storing all the information, two different international patents, high Italian industrial manufacture standard and many others unbelievable new features. This gem is a step forward in the electronic cigarettes industry.

Not only the BeBe e-cig, Smokitaly will bring a range of high quality manufacturing products quiet difficult to find into this huge market. All the suppliers are guaranteed: high qualified engineering, pharmaceutical companies, throwers, artisans and lovers of this new unstoppable generation of smokers. Even the ecig e-liquids are entirely produced in Italy at the maximum standard level.

The entire concept of Smokitaly is to show that the production, the elements used in the assembling process, the metals chosen, the type of forges, the drip tips elaboration, the perfect correlation between the fragrances and nicotine inside the e-liquids, is fundamental to achieve the goal of smoking vapor in a healthier way, to quit the normal smoking, even through a safer, new concepts of high technology devices.

It seems the market of the electronic cigarettes it has never been so productive. Smokitaly finally is offering something new, CE certificated, at the top of its field.
As the Italian tradition wants, the new products of Smokitaly will leave a remarkable sign for their creative design, step forward technology, love for nature and high quality standard.

From Saturday 15-03-2014, for ten days, Smokitaly will be giving a 10% discount for each BeBe, the first product of its collection, applying the coupon "iwanthefirstbebe" directly on our store during the checkout process.

In the next weeks, beside the BeBe, new outstanding products will be available on our online store,

Welcome to a new generation of smoking.

"The Quality is Over Anything" Dario Beccaria Smokitaly CEO


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