LMS Thinking: Face-To-Face Marketing Increases Brand Loyalty

According to research, nearly 40% of consumers make their buying decisions depending on their relationship with a brand. LMS Thinking say that face-to-face marketing increases long-lasting rapport between brands and consumers.

The findings of the Ernst & Young survey reveal that brand loyalty is a determining factor in making buying decisions for just fewer than 40% of consumers. For the study, nearly 25,000 people across 34 different markets worldwide were questioned (forbes.com). Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking, says: “These figures show that the importance of building strong relationships with consumers in order to increase brand loyalty need to be taken into serious consideration when allocating the marketing budget.”

According to an article published by Imani Laners on Forbes, brand loyalty is an emotional act and brand loyal customers have an emotional connection with the brand they are faithful to (entrepreneur.com). LMS Thinking believe that such emotional connection can be built through face-to-face customer interaction.

Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking explains: “When marketers think of direct sales and marketing, often the first thing in their mind is that they do not want to bother their customers with a robotic sales pitch; and I totally agree.” Tim Kennedy continues: “The reality is, face-to-face marketing offers an amazing opportunity to connect with people., have a conversation, laugh, build a connection and be there to assist when people have questions.”

Considering the fact that almost half of consumer’s worldwide buy according to their relationship with a brand, Tim Kennedy of LMS Thinking recommends making brand loyalty a top priority when it comes to designing a marketing strategy.

LMS Thinking are a direct sales and marketing firm based in Sydney. Businesses outsource their direct marketing to LMS Thinking whose qualified sales force approaches consumers face-to-face in order to raise positive brand awareness on behalf of their clients. “We offer a personalised shopping experience and rather than sending out a general message, we can take time for each consumer individually, no matter if they are a potential or existing customer, we make them feel welcome and look after them”, explains Managing Director Tim Kennedy.

Brand loyalty has a direct impact on its ROI. “Returning customers are not only cheaper than gaining new ones, they are very likely to recommend the brand and bring more people along”, says Tim Kennedy. LMS Thinking have a fantastic reputation among their clients for providing an excellent customer experience. Last year’s results support this feedback. After outsourcing LMS thinking to perform direct sales and marketing, businesses report increased loyalty of over 30% through repeat buyers which had a direct impact on their bottom line. “This is a great result and shows that our hard work pays off”, adds Tim Kennedy. LMS Thinking are now preparing their expansion into further Australian markets by the end of 2014.

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