LMS Thinking Launch New Business Strategy

Focusing on business growth, effective training and support will allow Sydney-based LMS Thinking to excel in 2014 as they continue to grow across three continents.

Outsourced sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking currently have offices in three of the world’s most competitive markets; Sydney, New York and London. As 2013 is coming to a close, LMS Thinking have announced the launch of a new business strategy, which they plan to put into action in January. LMS Thinking believe the new changes they’ve made to their business strategy will allow them to excel in their growth across three continents. With the launch of their new business strategy, LMS Thinking will be much more proactive and decisive in 2014, which will allow them to focus more on long-term support for their contractors, suppliers and clientele.

LMS Thinking’s key objectives are:
- To secure an appropriate degree of product training for their suppliers
- To protect and enhance the integrity of the LMS Thinking brand
- To promote effective competition in the interest of their clients

Whilst some businesses will wait for the changes they wish to see in the industry, LMS Thinking is keen to use the New Year as a chance to take the necessary actions that will help them remain competitive. It’s integral for businesses to make the changes they wish to see themselves, as they’re simply not going to happen overnight. With this in mind, LMS Thinking will implement a new business strategy which focuses on business growth, effective training and support comes with a collection of benefits. By goal setting in advance enables LMS Thinking to have an attainable vision of the developments they’d like to make within the business and understand the fundamental steps they need to pursue in order to achieve them. By having a clear business vision and setting realistic goals, it allows for moving forward instead of having to slow down with a sense of bewilderment from unprecedented situations.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced sales and marketing firm and is the leading provider of results-based services in the sales and direct industry across the New South Wales region. With a head office in Sydney, LMS Thinking also offer their services in New York and London. Using direct marketing techniques, LMS Thinking increase sales, lead generation and customer acquisition on behalf of their clients. Having already successfully dominated three continents, LMS Thinking are always searching for new information and strategies to further develop the quality of their services in these cities, and have plans to dominate into further international markets in the New Year.

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