Klugman CM (www.klugman-cm.com) names Klugman CM’s Johannes Schaffer to the Board of Directors.

Klugman CM (www.klugman-cm.com) has announced the appointment of Senior Vice President Johannes Schaffer to the Board of Directors.

Beginning with the electricity and natural gas markets and finishing with rare metals, Klugman CM Capital Markets is is unprecedented in scope and will assist the full spectrum of industry participants at every level of operations that require verifiable and accurate transaction data.

As Senior Klugman CM (www.klugman-cm.com) Vice President in charge of data affairs, Mr. Schaffer has been working with Klugman CM advisory since its inception.

“I am honored that the board of Klugman CM and its members have offered me this position, we are all very happy that the company itself is finally coming to be…this has been a long time in coming. The benefits to the markets are substantial in terms of transparency, analysis, verification and depth.” Mr. Schaffer continues “the benefits of Klugman CM have been in demand for years and it is exciting to see those demands finally being met.”

Mr. Robert C. Martins, the president of Klugman CM endorsed Mr. Schaffer saying “he is a leader in his industry segment, has a rich industry background and has been an unwavering supporter of the Klugman CM concept. I am confident he will be invaluable to the development of Klugman CM.”

Klugman CM CEO Michael Li Chong adds, “Johan has a wealth of practical knowledge in the commodities markets. He will be a terrific resource for a project that is going to do a tremendous amount of good for producers and consumers alike.”

About Klugman CM

Klugman CM Capital Markets (www.klugman-cm.com) is a full-service commodity advisory located in Hong Kong. Our experienced advisors have continually strived to provide individually tailored advice to help speculators and producers achieve their marketing goals. In addition to our brokerage services, we specialize in currencies and metal advisory services for producers. The advisory services not only give personalized advice, but also execution on that advice.

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