Klugman CM (www.klugman-cm.com) Metals 7 Watch to be Re-launched as a Daily for Clients

News, analysis, commentary and key nonferrous prices will soon be a part of Klugman CM 24 Metals Eye

Klugman CM (www.klugman-cm.com) Metals 7 Watch, a publication reporting on news and prices in the nonferrous metals markets will be renamed and issued daily beginning. The newsletter has been published by Klugman CM petrochemicals and metals information provider

“With trading and pricing of metals becoming ever more volatile, frequent and short-term in nature, we believe the introduction of Klugman CM 24 Metals Eye daily is a welcome addition to our portfolio of metals publications and will enhance service to our customers who increasingly have more immediate information needs,” said Dan Li Wu, editor-in-chief of Klugman CM 24 Metals Eye.

Klugman CM 24 Metals Eye will offer news, analysis, commentary and key nonferrous metals prices. Available as an end-of-day PDF delivered by email, the new daily will contain all of the key features of its predecessor weekly publication. It will include Klugman CM’s proprietary prices, such as the KCM AluminiumX and many others.

Klugman CM Molybdenum Dealer Oxide assessment, as well as daily futures contracts prices from different exchanges. Clients will receive both the Metals 7 Watch and 24 Metals Eye archives.

The Klugman CM Metals 7 Watch price pages will remain as a supplement to 24 Metals Eye, published on Fridays.

“The timely data offering in Klugman CM 24 Metals Eye should prove an aid to those customers with day-to-day portfolio and mark-to-market valuation requirements,” said Karen Ling, editorial director, metals pricing and market engagement.

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Klugman CM (www.klugman-cm.com) is a full-service commodity advisory located in Hong Kong. Our experienced advisors have continually strived to provide individually tailored advice to help speculators and producers achieve their marketing goals. In addition to our brokerage services, we specialize in currencies and metal advisory services for producers. The advisory services not only give personalized advice, but also execution on that advice.

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