Interview with Direct Marketing Entrepreneur Simon Reynolds MD of Iconic Strategies

Simon Reynolds, entrepreneur and managing director of Iconic Strategies, reveals the benefits of direct marketing, the best methods brands can use to connect with their customers and what lies ahead for his business in 2014.

Iconic Strategies is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing firm based in Norwich. Specialising in direct marketing techniques, Iconic Strategies help a range of clients acquire quality, long-term customers throughout the UK. Their reliable direct marketing campaigns guarantee clients a higher ROI than other traditional marketing methods. Despite being a relatively new company in the direct sales and marketing industry, Iconic Strategies have huge expansion plans for 2014. This is due to the high demand for their dependable and cost-effective event marketing services. The firm’s on-going success has made them one of Norwich’s most sought-after private site event marketing companies.

Managing director Simon Reynolds of Iconic Strategies is a leader in the outsourced sales and marketing sector. He frequently speaks at industry conferences and mentors budding entrepreneurs about business development and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. During an interview with Simon Reynolds, he reveals why the direct marketing industry is growing despite the buzz around social media marketing, as well as highlighting the best methods brands can use to interact with their customers. Read experts from the interview below:

Interview with Simon Reynolds, Iconic Strategies MD

Question: How was it transitioning from life as a direct marketer to building a company? Did your approach to selling change along the way?

Simon: To be honest the foundations have always stayed the same, why try reinventing the wheel? Yes there are areas where we have some extra edge, but solid foundations and systems are the backbone of any great company.

Question: What are some ways that a brand can connect and interact with consumers and/or decision makers?

Simon: Obviously being a direct marketer I believe the best way a brand can connect with potential customers is through conversations. Speaking to customers directly offers such a fantastic opportunity to understand their needs. It can be inspirational for figuring out which marketing approach resonates with them. My biased opinion is that face-to-face marketing is the best possible way of reaching customers.

Question: The Direct Marketing Industry is growing despite the hype around Social Media Marketing. Why do you think that is?

Simon: Direct marketing is more detailed, more personal and the message can be tailored specifically to the target audience clients are looking for. The unique advantage we have compared to more traditional types of marketing from a client’s perspective is that we work on a No win/No Fee basis. Economic or seasonal change has no effect on our business and that’s why we are growing so rapidly.

Question: What does 2014 hold for Iconic Strategies?

Simon: Well since there is such a demand for our services we have some massive expansion plans for 2014. As more and more businesses are looking for guaranteed, stable, cost-effective ways to market and sell their products, we are under a lot of pressure to expand and grow - all businesses need customers - not just here in the UK but also internationally.

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