Iconic Strategies Ltd Encouraged by Dragon’s Den star’s view on Entrepreneurship

Event marketing firm, Iconic Strategies has taken inspiration from Dragon's Den star Deborah Meaden's stance on entrepreneurship and encourages more people to adopt this view.

Deborah Meaden, star of the popular TV show Dragon's Den, which offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their idea in a bid for funding from the 'dragons' who are successful entrepreneurs themselves, has spoken out about why she believes entrepreneurship needs to be taught in schools.

The successful business woman said, "Lessons in entrepreneurship need to be embedded in the curriculum from an early age so school pupils believe becoming an entrepreneur is an option." Iconic Strategies agree with Ms Meaden's view and points out children may enjoy school more if their options are not limited to one profession but are presented with a viable career choice to become an entrepreneur and succeed in the business world. The Dragon's Den star also added that she would have enjoyed University more if she thought that it could have helped her do the one thing she really wanted to do. The entrepreneur believes that if entrepreneurship and historical entrepreneurs were on the agenda at school students who progressed to higher education would already have their minds open to the concept of entrepreneurship.

Iconic Strategies believes that it is important more people take on board Ms Meaden's views so that students receive more encouragement towards their ambitions. The firm understands how important entrepreneurship is for the economy and local communities. Entrepreneurs create new job opportunities through their ventures and often hire locally which also increases the area's wage and builds confidence in consumer spending. Iconic Strategies also points out that entrepreneurs face many challenges whilst getting a business idea to work so the more they already know about the subject and the more support they have received, the more likely it is that the business will be a success. Teaching entrepreneurship is a strong way of ensuring there are enough entrepreneurs in the future to guarantee a sustainable economy for future generations.

Iconic Strategies is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Norwich. The firm specialise in a personalised form of direct marketing which involves connecting with consumers through face-to-face campaigns on behalf of their clients' brands. Iconic Strategies says that this creates long-lasting and personal relationships between brand and consumer which leads to improved customer acquisition, customer retention and brand awareness.

Iconic Strategies encourages and teaches entrepreneurship skills within their firm through their Business Development Program. The program is designed for all those in the firm wishing to pursue entrepreneurship and teaches them valuable skills such as sales techniques, leadership techniques, decision making, choosing a team, motivating a team and the financial aspects of running a business.

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