Iconic Strategies offer 4 Event Marketing Strategies that will Encourage Brand Loyalty

Events are an efficient marketing tool to market and brand a business. Iconic Strategies introduce four effective marketing strategies for businesses to encourage success and increase brand loyalty.

Iconic Strategies, one of Norwich's industry leading event-marketing firms, share their experience and introduce four effective marketing strategies that encourage brand loyalty and business growth. "The event itself is a marketing tool for the business, particularly the way it is set up and how it is promoted," says Iconic Strategies. If done successfully, event marketing can drive sales, attract new and existing customers and help businesses remain competitive.

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Iconic Strategies, an outsourced sales and event-marketing company, achieved a 45 per cent growth in customer retention in 2014. Through their personalised face-to-face approach and effective marketing techniques, the firm has acquired long-term customers for their clients. The following four strategies have been part of Iconic Strategies' successful journey:

1. Select Your Audience

Iconic Strategies say it is crucial to know the audience. The most effective strategy is to personalise services and products to the consumers' needs, so it becomes relevant to them. Therefore, Iconic Strategies consult with their clients before setting up an event in order to discuss what the target audience should be, how and where they can be reached. By determining the target audience prior to the event, the success rate increases, say Iconic Strategies.

2. KISS – Keep It Short and Simple

Overwhelming consumers with information can backfire. "It is important to keep things simple. Our sales force has a chat with consumers to get to know them. Instead of listing everything we've got, we then recommend products or services specifically for the targeted consumer," say Iconic Strategies. "There is no point overdoing it. People may easily get confused. Therefore, we personalise when we recommend and are happy to answer any questions," add Iconic Strategies.

3. Make it memorable

The most important part of event marketing is to provide a memorable experience to consumers. "Why? Because you would like people to come back and talk about your brand," say Iconic Strategies. Every business may have their own unique selling points. Iconic Strategies have a great reputation of their personalised customer experience. "We know our audience, we advice them in line with their needs and we make friends with them," say Iconic Strategies. "Our sales force interacts with people, they laugh with them and exchange stories. This is our WOW factor and the reason people come back. This is what separates us form our competitors."

4. Take ownership

In order to conduct successful event marketing campaigns, Iconic Strategies say businesses must create a fun culture where people care about each other. "If people care, they take responsibility which is a crucial part for a company's success," say Iconic Strategies.

Iconic Strategies' four event marketing techniques have led the business to become one of the market leaders in the Norwich area. The firm is now planning to expand into further UK markets by the end of Q2 2015.

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