Iconic Strategies Ltd: How to be an Authentic Brand

According to new research, the overuse of the term ‘authenticity’ is damaging its true meaning. Iconic Strategies Ltd defines what it takes to be a truly authentic brand in today’s saturated market.

Authenticity can be perceived differently amongst different genders and different age groups. For example, according to a survey of 1,000 consumers conducted by Firefish, Apple scores highly among women due to its design and vision whereas among men the Samsung and HTC brands have greater credibility due to their technology. Fashion brands such as Topshop are rated as more authentic by women than men but car brands such as Land Rover and Ferrari do not show much gender differentiation. Research also finds that 18-24 year olds give higher authenticity ratings on technology brands compared to older audiences who consider Twitter, Facebook and Google to be less authentic. The top ten brands for authenticity are:

  • 1.Heinz
  • 2.Disney
  • 3.Ferrari
  • 4.Google
  • 5.Cadbury
  • 6.Apple
  • 7.VW
  • 8.Microsoft
  • 9.Land Rover
  • 10.Amazon

Iconic Strategies Ltd believes that familiarity with a brand and its story is an important driver of authenticity. The firm has researched into the concept of authenticity and has found that there are eight values compromising authenticity and they are their abilities to be genuine, original, unique, expert, visionary, passionate, honest and finally their overall integrity.

Iconic Strategies Ltd says that authenticity is also based on being culturally relevant to the target consumer. Authenticity depends on how the brand’s story is received and where it is coming from. Iconic Strategies Ltd says that brands must understand what the culture is – of the times or geographically – in order to generate authenticity. What a brand does or the meaning of their story will change depending on the culture of the times and the mindset of the audience that they are trying to appeal to. Research suggests that authenticity is one of the ways consumers assign value and navigate choice. It strengthens the emotional relationship the consumer has with the brand and the appreciation of them.

The research has also shown that innovation can potentially damage a brand’s authenticity if they don’t remain true to their original story. Any extreme deviation from a familiar story will make consumers unsure of the brand’s authenticity. Iconic Strategies Ltd believes that the key to innovating and maintaining its authenticity is to take the audience with them by remaining true to the brand’s core values even if they are evolving.

Iconic Strategies Ltd is a direct sales and marketing firm that specialise in improving their clients’ customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty. The firm does this by running personalised campaigns that are taken directly to the consumer through face-to-face interactions which in turn creates long-lasting personalised relationships between brand and consumer.

Iconic Strategies Ltd consider themselves to be an authentic brand because they follow the rules of authenticity. Their stories are genuine and remain true to the company’s core values. They are consistent in delivering results for their clients and their team is extremely passionate about the work they do, as well as being honest about their clients’ products/services. They are unique and meaningful by using a face-to-face method of direct marketing. Iconic Strategies Ltd also ‘aspire to be original and masters of their own field’ by constantly acquiring new clients and complying with heavy demand for business which allows them to grow and become industry leaders. Iconic Strategies Ltd is extremely proud of how far they have come and plan to continue to grow and evolve with their innovative ideas. 

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