PromotionBox Outline 3 Business Services that are About to Boom

PromotionBox UK launched a range of new marketing services in 2012. The firm outline 3 business services they predict will be in huge demand by the close of 2013.

The economic condition is a still a concern for businesses but PromotionBox confide that does not mean it’s a bad time to launch new products or services. The firm are outsourced by businesses who wish to drive sales through promotional activity and report no shortage of demand for their services. ‘Consumers are buying’ claims Dan Warburton, Co-Founder of PromotionBox UK, ‘We have run a range of promotions for a variety of brands over the last few months that have boosted sales figures in some cases by 60%’.

PromotionBox is a full service promotional sales & marketing company who understands that budgets are precious; their bespoke promotional and advertising strategies provide clients with a real time measured response to their campaign. PromotionBox has extensive experience in a broad range of marketing disciplines and stress there are many services currently in demand by businesses with not enough businesses supplying a relative service.

Here are PromotionBox UK’s recommendation of 3 hot industries which are about to boom:

Promotional Coupons - With coupon usage at a near all-time high, it’s important not to let the bad press about the recent poor performance of the daily deal sites colour your perception about coupons in general.  Daily deal sites are a very specific niche of the entire couponing category, and really represent a different type of business model than the many other coupons that manufacturers distribute every year. A Valassis report confirms coupon redemption has increased by 12.5% in the last year suggesting consumers are still embracing coupon promotions. ‘It is about positioning the promotion effectively. Offering something different that your competitors or using a different form of marketing to reach a specific demographic is what makes coupon promotions successful’ adds Dan Warburton of PromotionBox.

Translation services - In an increasingly global business environment with more and more non English speaking people living in the UK, the demand for translation services has been on the rise for some time. In addition to this as online businesses look to expand into new countries, they need translators to help make marketing materials and websites accessible in other languages. While automated translation services offer some competition, PromotionBox predict the demand for high quality translation services will hit an all time high by August 2013. In the past five years, sales in the industry grew at an annual average rate of 2.4 percent.

Online shoe sales – The ever growing demand for women’s shoes is about to hit an all time high, couple that with a surge in ecommerce, and online shoe sales have grown by more than 16 percent per year on average over the past five years. While there are already some big players in the market, which owns and make up only 16 percent of the industry. PromotionBox UK suggests there is room for start-ups.


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