NBE Marketing host motivational workshop on positive mentality

Marketing and sales agency, NBE Marketing recently hosted a motivational workshop for their self-employed contractors as a guide to developing a positive mentality.

NBE Marketing regularly host motivational workshops and meetings for their force of self-employed contractors as they believe this is an exciting way to implement new skills into the firm. NBE Marketing like to implement continuous learning into their day-to-day activities as they are confident this helps both individuals and the firm as a whole to deliver improved results.

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Recently, the firm have focused on positive mentality in their motivational workshops. Managing Director of NBE Marketing, Richard Clarke states how developing a positive mind-set is important for business success.

NBE Marketing highlight how having a positive mentality will help a person to achieve more. “It’s not about where you are now, it is about where you want to be and what you can do to get there,” outlines CEO Richard Clarke. The firm are strong believers that a positive mind-set equals positive results and the more a person believes they can do, the more they will do.

“If you believe you can do something you will always find a way to do it, no matter what obstacles are in the way. It is all about that positive belief,” declares Mr. Clarke of NBE Marketing.

The firm took their workshop as an opportunity to explore the belief that a positive mentality can often overcome physical strength. NBE Marketing gave the example that when a person goes to the gym, if they go in thinking that they cannot lift the weight, they will not even attempt it. However if a person believes that they can, they will push themselves to achieve this and continue to improve to lift more. The firm highlight how this is a positive mentality overcoming physical strength and say how this theory can be applied to a business environment. “If a person believes they can make 10 sales they will go out and make those sales. Whereas if a person doubts themselves, this will reflect in their attitude towards the work and they are less likely to achieve their target,” states Richard Clarke.

NBE Marketing is an outsourced marketing and sales firm established in Reading. Whilst a relatively young company, the firm have established a strong market reach and believe this is partly due to their positive mentality, never doubting that they can meet high expectations and deliver superb results. The firm works on behalf of their clients’ brands to deliver personalised marketing campaigns directly to consumers via face-to-face marketing techniques. NBE Marketing believes this allows them to establish long-lasting and personal business connections between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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