Mazonai Reveal How Travel Is the Secret to Their Success

Sales and marketing firm Mazonai have experienced a phenomenal 2015, and far exceeded their growth predictions. The firm have revealed how they believe regular travel opportunities have helped them acquire new skills and surpass client expectation.

2015 has been far from a quiet year for Mazonai. After exceeding their predicted growth back in May the firm relocated to a larger base in Watford to continue their development and ensure they were able to serve their clients with an even wider market reach. As well as relocating, the firm have also dedicated 2015 to increasing their travel and networking opportunities. As well as attending industry events across the UK and Ireland, the firm have also reached out to industry professionals internationally attending a wide range of educational conferences and networking events overseas. As well as being invited to attend the prestigious sales awards in South Africa recently, and flying to Rome to meet and learn from some of Italy's leading business owners, Managing Director Ausra Mazonaite was selected by industry experts from hundreds of business owners to travel to North Carolina for a unique networking and R&R experience at one of the state's leading luxury resorts, Bald Head Island.

About Mazonai:

Ausra Mazonaite strongly believes that these travel opportunities have greatly contributed to Mazonai's success and have offered new perspectives and ideas which have propelled the business forward to become the market leaders they are today. As such, Ausra Mazonaite always strives to share the experience with her contractors and associates so that they too can develop new skills and insights and achieve their own personal success.

Mazonai believes that professionals can benefit greatly from expanding their horizons and making the most of travel opportunities. Travel can be one of the most important investments professionals can make. In business and especially for those pursuing entrepreneurship it can be easy to become internalised and closed off to the world. Focusing too intensely on growing a business can lead to an entrepreneur missing out on the new experiences which they need to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable business leader. Travel can help entrepreneurs and professionals to become more in tune with the world around them and gain these new experiences. It can also help them to widen their network of supporters and associates which can often lead to an increase in business opportunities. A change of scenery can also have a dramatic impact on engagement and reduce the chance of burnout, reminding professionals of what it is that drew them to their chosen industry. Lastly, travel can have a profound impact on a professional's self-confidence. Communicating with others from different cultures and backgrounds and throwing themselves into the unknown can help them embrace risk and change and lead them to become better decision makers in the future.

Mazonai is a leading provider of event marketing solutions and help businesses throughout the UK extend their market reach and connect with customers on a personal level. Through face-to-face communications the firm represent their clients in major shopping venues, retail events and trade shows, helping them to form real connections with customers and understand their individual needs and values. This knowledge then allows them to deliver a fully personalised experience which generates a higher ROI and a positive market reputation, allowing their clients the means to grow their brand successfully.

Due to their success throughout 2015, Mazonai hope to increase their travel commitments in the New Year, and are keen to visit even more countries across the world where the sales and marketing industry is thriving.

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