Marbella named most popular stag do destination for second successive year

The Stag Company, the UKs leading provider of stag parties in the UK and abroad has announced that Marbella is its most popular EU destination for the second successive year.

Marbella has seen its popularity soar in the past couple of years, a fact with Managing Director Rob Hill attributes to the sheer number of activities available in the Spanish destination,

Obviously the weather plays a part but some of the most popular activities for stag weekends are available in the area too, so you can have a bit of a traditional British stag do but in guaranteed scorching temperatures.

There have also been plenty of TV shows filmed out there in the past year, including The Only Way is Essex which I promise I do not watch.

Rob Hill has also been giving advice to best men the country over if theyve been charged with planning the stag weekend. He cites planning ahead as the most important factor in keeping costs from spiralling out of control.

If youre the best man, dont leave it until the last minute as youre bound to incur dropouts and some firms, activity providers and hotels wont issue refunds, making it a costly old business,

Another advantage to booking ahead is the fact that many stag party companies will let you spread the cost of the weekend meaning you wont have to whack out a huge sum of money immediately.

He also points out how much cheaper a stag do abroad can be, even than one back in the UK.

Thanks to the privitisation of the railway its not actually much more expensive, if at all, to travel to some corners of Europe also owing to the birth of budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet.

A Riga stag do, for example, wont cost nearly as much as travelling to, say, Edinburgh from Brighton. Shop around and find a good deal on transport and you can save an arm and a leg.

Planning ahead can also pay off when it comes to researching resturants, clubs and bars too according to Hill,

If you plan ahead with your destination you can get the insider knowledge from locals, find out the busiest, most cost-effective clubs and bars, as well as the best restaurants in town.

A good rule of thumb in Europe is to avoid the main city squares as the prices are high and the quality isnt the highest.

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