Housing Issues Constantly Increasing for Under 25s

Young people in the UK are in danger of being locked out of the housing market according to data from youth charity, The Mix, resulting in a massive increase in users contacting their services.

The Mix (formerly YouthNet/Get Connected) has seen a rise in use, over the past 12 months, from a generation of vulnerably housed young people who are seeking support due to the effect that living independently has on their mental wellbeing.

To support the ever rising number of young people struggling to live independently, The Mix, have introduced Home Truths – a free one stop shop tool aimed at helping young people to cope with the pitfalls, from budgeting to all their legal rights.

The warning signs:

• Young people are finding it increasingly harder to find a place of their own. With the current Work and Welfare Reform Bill passing through parliament promising changes to housing benefit and rising rental prices, they may find it even harder to move out.

• The Mix has seen over 200,000 young people seeking crisis support with housing issues over the past year, a 23% increase from the year before.

• The Mix's telephone helpline service has received 3,422 crisis calls with housing issues over the past year, with 469 of those contacting made homeless after being thrown out by parents. 22 year-old, Jenny, is a property guardian for Dot Dot Dot, she comments “The housing situation for young people is dire. In my old job, I was paying out over half my wages each month just on rent, but when I applied for housing benefit I was told I didn't qualify. The most worrying thing for me is the potential removal of housing benefit for 18-21 year olds. It's the assumption that all 18-21 year olds have a supportive family or friends that they can live with."

Phil Miles, Director of Regeneration and Communities at Affinity Sutton, states “A third of our lettings last year were to 18-25 year olds. We recognise that many are struggling to live independently for the first time and so we have a wide-ranging youth support service which offers guidance.

Charities such as The Mix are on hand to give invaluable support to help young tenants manage. Home Truths will quickly and easily deliver this advice to young tenants and could help them avoid getting into serious difficulties."

CEO of The Mix, Chris Martin, says: “Living independently is increasingly becoming a prominent issue for under 25s. Home Truths aims to make sure that under 25s are able to progress that transition of moving out as seamlessly as possible - offering tips on money management and all the details of moving out to ensure they're able to live frugally."

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