Heroes Face a Battle Against Time to Save the Human Race

Thursday 31 July, 2014
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A fascinating tale of magic, blood, sweat and tears, encompassing love, hatred, humour and despair as its heroes face...

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On a cold grey morning, the Warrior Clans, a race of mercenary fighters, were almost wiped out of existence by an act of treachery. They were the only hope of survival that the ordinary men and women had on the continent of Deuralia.

The Warlord Magicians now ruled them with an iron fist with the realistic promise that they would make mankind suffer terribly for its past crimes.

The Ruby Warriors takes us on a journey across a large fertile continent and beyond. A fascinating tale of magic, blood, sweat and tears, encompassing love, hatred, humour and despair as its heroes face a battle against time to save the human race.

Heroes such as Surlan, the mysterious old man who would re-unite the remnants of the scattered warriors under the banner of the young Prince Mykal, who had been rescued from the grasp of the Warlords many years passed. There was Tygal, a huge man fraught with the memories of his unhappy past who would become Mykal's mentor and many more clansmen and women, including Tyscha, a beautiful but deadly young warrior who is destined to be his wife.

The story moves effortlessly from one set of characters to the next as the plot unfolds, creating a real chance to get to know what makes each hero …and villain tick, their strengths, weaknesses and fears.

Who will live and who will die as the Clan warriors fight against the Warlords and their magically enhanced minions.

This is a book that will keep you enthralled and unable to put down, leaving you desperate to know the final outcome.

About The Author

Michael Csizmadia is an Electrical Protection Engineer, born in Bradford, who has worked in the High Voltage supply industry since leaving school in 1976. (Which is, coincidentally, around the time that he first had an idea to write this series of books!).

The Ruby Warriors – A New Beginning is the first of a trilogy and its publication marks his first tentative step into the world of novel writing.

The Ruby Warriors – Book One – A new Beginning, priced at £11.99, is available in all formats and is available from online stores such as Amazon and www.authorsonline.co.uk.

For further information or to arrange interviews call Mick Csizmadia on 07736778991 or email: mickchiz@hotmail.com/

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