Grab a Jewellery Bargain this January in the Sales

As we move deep into January, every mans nightmare is realised. Yes, its sale time; that time when women seem to lose all sense of reality and immerse themselves in the shopping frenzy that is the January sales. But, there are bargains to be had so, girls, grab your purse - or better still, flutter your eyes at your man and get him to give you access to his wallet - and get off down to the jewellers.

First, you need to decide what you are looking for and where to buy it. Maybe you have already seen a piece that you would like to buy or maybe you are just looking for something nice to match a new outfit. If you have already decided on a particular item, you will already know the original price and what you are prepared to pay in the sales.

Jewellers do not necessarily follow the sales methods of other stores during the traditional January sales period. Some belonging to the big chains often discount up to 50%, so there are bargains to be had. But remember, some of this is clearance stock so you need to be sure that the style of jewellery you choose is not out of fashion, unless that is what you want. Chain stores, however, do enjoy economies of scale and so can offer genuine discounts on a wide range of stock. Another advantage with high-street stores is that, if the item you want is sold out in one store, they might be able to track it down in another store for you.

Independent jewellers often use different methods to attract trade. Without the economies of scale of the chain stores, they are not always able to offer across-the-board discounts and so may appear less attractive to the bargain hunter. They do, however, offer good discounts on selected pieces and will add in extra services, like free cleaning, to attract interest in their offerings. Also, some dont necessarily hold a sale in January because they dont want customers to wait for the sales before buying.

Like the independents, some top end jewellers avoid holding sales. They argue that their clients wont want to buy an expensive item one day only to see someone else buy a similar item at a discounted price a few days later. Rather, they rely on exclusivity to attract and retain clients.

Shopping for jewellery over the Internet is often a good way to find bargains. As a general rule, Internet prices are lower than those in physical shops and the same applies during sales time. But, you must be sure that the Internet dealer is reliable and there is the added drawback that you only get to see a picture of the item before purchase.

To sum up then, there are jewellery bargains to be had in the January sales but there are some simple guidelines that you should follow:

Identify the piece you want before the sales start so that you dont have to waste time hunting.
Only buy the pieces(s) you really want, as a bargain is only a bargain if its something you want or need.
Stick to your budget.
Try to get something extra from the vendor, like free cleaning.
Make sure you buy a quality item.
By all means buy your Valentine's Day gift in the sale to get more for your money - but do not mention the discount when you give the gift the following next month!

Happy bargain hunting!

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