Experimental Number Dub game helps award winning agency build digital connections between brands and consumers

This week saw the launch of Number Dub, a super-addictive finger tapping memory game like no other. Engine Creative’s latest app from their Engine Lab initiative is inspired by the sounds of Dubstep and the visual style of early 80s video games.

Tasked with conceptualising and delivering a unique game for iOS and Android within 4 weeks, Number Dub is the result of designers and developers working together to create an addictive and accessible app with few constraints.

The basic premise of the game is simple; memorise a number sequence shown on the screen and repeat it back as quick as you can. However, the combination of beat heavy Dubstep tunes and retro glitchy graphics are designed to distract users throughout the memory game. There are also a host of additional surprises (including a strong kitten theme, floating turtles and cat masks!) as users progress through the levels.

Gamification and the internet of everything

Engine Creative has seen significant increases in dwell time by users after delivering a range of mobile games as part of marketing campaigns. Understanding game mechanics is becoming increasingly important for brands as they explore new ways to connect with their audiences and the Number Dub project is a chance to explore this method of user engagement further and take insights into client work.

Number Dub is the third R&D app to be released by Engine Creative and follows the release of Augmented Reality apps, Reality Engine and Reality Pool. The Engine Lab team is currently experimenting with Occulus Rift and Google Glass to explore how wearables might enhance our lives. In addition, ongoing projects working with Unity 3D, Vuforia and Metaio are enabling Engine Creative to help brands understand how consumers will interact with the internet of everything.

The self-initiated Number Dub project forms part of the Engine Lab output from the award winning digital creative agency. Number Dub is available now for iOS and Android.

About Engine Creative

We are experts in delivering our clients measurable results through digital brand experiences.

We have specific expertise working with digital innovations to build user engagement with our clients' brands with achievements including:

- Launching the world's first fully augmented magazine (TopGear, Dec 2011)

- Creating the first fully augmented reality album cover for a UK band (Ting Tings, Feb 2012)

- FIPP Digital Innovators Summit Editor's & Readers Award (TopGear augmented magazine)

- Drum Marketing Award for Brand Development Strategy (Bauer Media heat mobile strategy, May 2013)

- RAR Award and RAR Digital Awards for Creativity & Innovation (June 2014)

Engine Creative is currently working with Tesco, Coca-Cola, Lacoste, PizzaHut, Disney, Mazda and Thorntons on building consumer engagement through digital innovations.

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