Entrepreneur Josh Taylor Meets Sir Richard Branson's Atlantic Challenge

The world release of JoshingTalk: The Submersible Project takes place today after a private screen on July 16th at London's Strand Gallery.  Revelead on Joshing Talk and concurrently on Sir Richard Branson's blog, JoshingTalk: The Submersible Project is a documentary film recounting the latest project by social entrepreneur Josh Taylor, where he sent a submersible on an epic journey to the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. An exhibition presenting several of Taylor's other incredible feats and inspirational ventures runs at The Strand Gallery from July 17th-19th.

Until now, the furthest depths of the world's oceans have always been hidden to all but wealthy institutions with cutting-edge technology and generous funding at their disposal.  In 2012 Taylor had just completed his second project 'Space Art', where he sent a blank canvas and tubes of paint to near Space, allowing Mother Nature to draw up some magic. Taylor's vision to create a unique piece of work unifying science, art and nature through human intellect and unrelenting determination was noticed by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group. Intrigued by Taylor's projects, Branson personally issued him the challenge to see how far under the ocean Taylor could explore. Taylor ambitiously decided to send a submersible to the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the Milwaukee Deep, all on a shoestring budget.

Over two years Taylor painstakingly designed and created a submersible, aided by local marine equipment companies Trident Sensors and RS Aqua, which would sink some 5.3 miles down into the depths of the ocean and document the Milwaukee Deep, one of the last places on earth yet to have been explored. The data sent back by the submersible has provided some unprecedented results.

Joshing Talk: The Submersible Project will reveal for the first time, the amazing story behind the long and arduous journey Taylor undertook to create JoshingTalk: The Submersible Project. From building the submersible to his expedition to Puerto Rico and his return to the UK, this tale is both moving and amusing, while proving that through determination and innovation, almost anything is possible.

An active social entrepreneur since his teens Josh has now set up Bricks & Bread Retreats with his business partner and mentor Trudy Thompson, where anyone can looking for inspiration and coaching can learn Josh and Trudy's uniquely successful approach to business.

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