Could You Beat Paul The ‘Psychic’ Octopus By Predicting The World Cup Scores And Collect £1 Million With

Paul the ‘Psychic’ Octopus may no longer be with us to protect his crown, but at least two candidates from Germany and China have stepped forward to predict this year’s World Cup results. Who will reign supreme? It could be you with

From Sichuan in China a troupe of baby pandas from the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre have stepped up to predict the win-lose-or-draw outcome by selecting food, climbing trees and even racing with flags.

Punters looking to gamble on something less fluffy will be happy to see Nelly the Elephant weighing in for the challenge. Nelly has already predicted results from the Women’s FIFA World Cup in 2006 with a 97% success rate, and is the bookmakers’ favourite.

If you’re still not sure who to place your bets with, online sports betting company has put forward a massive £1 million jackpot for anyone who can predict the World Cup 2014 results. Can you feel your inner winner?

With the first 2014 FIFA World Cup game between Brazil and Croatia taking place this Thursday 12 June at 9pm, prescient punters and will have have just a few days to place their bets at

Punters who don’t think they can compete with mystic mammals and prophetic pachyderms can also take advantage of the odds on offer at - the first World Cup game Brazil vs. Croatia has fantastic odds at 2:1 for Brazil to win the game.

Michael Klein from says: “the World Cup is a great time for people to come together from all countries and enjoy the sport of football. Our £1 million prize could make the 2014 World Cup one to remember. ”

BRAZIL 2/1 ( current 3/10) V CROATIA 12/1 (current 9/1) SPAIN 5/2 ( current 17/20) V HOLLAND 5/1 (current 7/2) ENGLAND 7/2( current 2/1) V ITALY 3/1 ( current 31/20) GERMANY 5/2 (current 11/10) V PORTUGAL 9/2 (current 13/5) BRAZIL 6/4 ( 2/7) V MEXICO 12/1 ( 10/1) URUGUAY 3/1( current 7/5) V ENGLAND 7/2 (current 2/1) BELGIUM 3/1 (23/20) V RUSSIA 4/1(current 12/5) COSTA RICA 8/1 ( CURRENT 6/1) V ENGLAND 2/1 ( CURRENT 9/20) ITALY 3/1 ( current 7/5) V URUGUAY 9/2 (current 15/8)

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