Citipeak Promotions: Superior Leadership Produces Higher Returns than Superior Talent

Citipeak Promotions review the beliefs that strong leadership is more important in business success than having a superior talent.

Organisations should operate in a way that allows for ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Charles A O'Reilly & Jeffery Pfeffer highlighted in their book 'Hidden Value' that companies from various industries that can demonstrate a strong track record of success, had cracked the code on how to build a healthy culture in which people can flourish.

The usual factors that companies hold necessary to winning are 1. Giving high potentials the bulk of development opportunities. 2. Putting high potentials into jobs prior to them being ready. 3. Eliminating the least effective performers. Citipeak Promotions believes that companies can function well with good, solid people and should ensure that there are effective leaders throughout the organisation.

"Talent is something that a person is born with but effective leadership is a skill far more capable of being developed" said Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions.

Citipeak Promotions believes that leadership is not limited to a few people, but that people can change and develop significantly. Through effective leadership, organisations can create a winning culture that enables everyone to function at its best. Effective leaders create a positive culture and make it possible for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary goals.

"People who are effective leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. Leaders set a direction and build an inspiring vision. Leadership is about mapping out where a team needs to go to 'win' and it is dynamic, exciting and inspiring" added Nick Johnson.

Citipeak Promotions believes that most people can be developed and nurtured into becoming an effective leader, but outline some qualities that will accelerate this development and that will eventually be found in all strong leaders.

  • Awareness – leaders will be aware of how their role fits in with a company. Leaders are not managers yet, and will be aware of the nature of this difference and accept it.
  • Decisiveness – leaders need to make tough decisions and will understand that in certain situations, difficult and timely decisions must be made in the best interests of the company.
  • Confidence – the best leaders will have a contagious confidence and don't give in easily when challenged.
  • Honesty – strong leaders treat people how they want to be treated and are extremely ethical, believing honesty, effort and reliability form the foundations to success.
  • Optimism – the very best leaders are a source of positive energy and are problem solvers, not problem finders.

Citipeak Promotions is an event marketing and sales company based in East London. Established in early 2010 by ambitious businessman Nick Johnson, the firm generate and run low cost and high effective sales and marketing strategies for their clients.

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