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LONDON (GMT) 18/04/2014 - 09:06

Citipeak Promotions Ltd Announce 3 Trends for Business Loyalty to Watch in 2014

Monday 9 December, 2013

Marketers must always keep in mind that customer loyalty is not just a promotion Customer acquisition firm Citipeak Promotions Ltd announce 3 loyalty trends that businesses should watch as 2014 approaches.

As the Christmas holiday season is upon us, this is the time of year when marketers and retailers are heavily focused on driving all-important profits. With so much attention on the last quarter’s performance, it can be easy to neglect what’s important for customer engagement beyond the holiday season. Brands and marketers must think how to interact with customers in the New Year and look for new ways to keep customers loyal. At Citipeak Promotions Ltd, the firm is already looking to the first quarter of 2014, and how they are going to maintain the high level of customer loyalty the firm brings for their clients.

Citipeak Promotions Ltd is an event based sales and marketing firm that is involved directly with customer acquisitions on behalf of their clients. The firm hold customer loyalty at the forefront of their customer satisfaction strategy. The firm will only build on this customer loyalty as the New Year unfolds since there will be tough competition from other brands looking to poach high quality customers in the New Year. Citipeak Promotions Ltd has specially trained customer acquisition teams who represent their clients brand and build up brand loyalty through their personalised selling strategy.

As this competitive selling season approaches, Citipeak Promotions Ltd announce 3 loyalty trends to watch in 2014 that will help businesses keep hold of their customers for long periods of time; not just for Christmas.

1. Personalisation
Citipeak Promotions Ltd believe that in 2014, marketers should aim to combine data regarding what customer want, with models that help to predict customer behaviour. This will help indicate what products or services a customer will prefer, personalising the buying experience. Earlier this year, Citipeak Promotions Ltd announced a growth of 8%, which was accredited to a newly developed USP and a personalised approach to the marketing strategy. The firm will continue to review and change their personalised approach to marketing in 2014 to maintain customer loyalty for their clients and to stay ahead of rival marketing firms.

2. Analyse customer behaviour
This is related to personalisation. More and more brands are analysing customers’ behaviour to discover what matters most to them and how this has an impact on the business. At Citipeak Promotions Ltd, the firm believe that brands must also establish what the goal is for a particular campaign e.g. long term loyalty, to spend more or to bring friends to join.

‘Marketers must always keep in mind that customer loyalty is not just a promotion, but a long term goal for a business. It happens over a series of promotions and interactions, which is why businesses must have an end goal in sight,’ explained a spokes person for Citipeak Promotions Ltd.

3. Ensure the highest level of customer service is always given
Good customer service is essential for any business that wants loyal customers – a satisfied customer is more likely to return for additional products and services on offer, whereas an unsatisfied customer is more likely to look elsewhere. Citipeak Promotions Ltd has worked hard to ensure their client’s customers receive excellent customer service and this will only continue to improve as the firm enters the New Year. Citipeak Promotions Ltd advises businesses to keep customer service a priority in 2014 since it is crucial for the success of any business.

Citipeak Promotions Ltd encourage businesses to evaluate how they can incorporate these 3 loyalty trends into their business to ensure customer loyalty in 2014.

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