"Awaken Your Perfect Self: How to Become Better than Everybody Else" Kindle Single Now Available at Amazon UK

Brian Haigh's bestselling Kindle Single Awaken Your Perfect Self: How to Become Better than Everybody Else is now available in the Amazon UK Kindle Singles store for £.99. This dry, absurdist satire of self-help gurus uses a series of interviews with self-perfection expert Jim Hoenfhmfjn to introduce the reader to his philosophies. Completely deadpan, "Awaken Your Perfect Self" follows Jim as he dispenses bizarre advice on how to get ahead in life, with pearls of wisdom such as: "The journey of life is like climbing a mountain. You may have to push people off to reach the top, but the view makes it all worthwhile."

The book opens with the hilarious description of how to pronounce his name: "Jim's usual response is that while most people pronounce it 'Hohnfimfijin', it's actually pronounced like it's spelled: 'Hoenfhmfjn'. That may not be of much help to most people. To pronounce Hoenfhmfjn, say it like 'Hinfmfn' (the last 'h' and 'j' are silent)."

From there we follow the hopelessly naïve narrator as he documents the secrets to Jim's success, following him deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole while his own finances slowly drain away as Hoenfhmfjn pontificates about "self-perfection". It is an hysterically absurd send-up of both the cult of personality that surrounds society's so-called "success gurus" who claim to have all the answers, as well as the people who blindly follow them in search of "get rich quick" schemes.

Since its release as a Kindle Single in the US in May 2012, it has generated a polarized response from readers. "I kind of love it that not everybody gets the joke," says Haigh. "The book is told from a completely serious point of view, and it's the sort of thing you will either get or you won't. I am especially excited to see it available in the UK. Growing up in Canada, I always felt like my sense of humour was raised on British comedy, and I believe that this story will resonate with British readers."

About the Author
Brian Haigh was born and raised in Canada. While studying for his BFA in Theatre from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, he wrote and performed with a comedy troupe in cities across the country. After spending some time in Tokyo and Seattle, he made his way to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. He tirelessly chased his dream until he finally reached the pinnacle--as an extra in Season 5 of '24'. He has since retired from acting to return to writing, with "Awaken Your Perfect Self: How to Become Better than Everybody Else" being his first ebook release.

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Email: contact Brian at [email protected]
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