Avant Garde Ideals Review Relationship between Marketing and Sustainability

Avant Garde Ideals has launched an investigation into the role marketing plays in earning the title of a sustainable brand, and how it can impact consumers.

Sustainability is vital for business growth and success. A sustainable business or green business is a business that has minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society or economy. Sustainable business provides a foundation for businesses’ success in the current climate. The techniques enable organisations to be profitable while, at the same time, helping people and the environment, resolving persistent social problems. Recently business leaders have begun to see that sustainability should be an integral component of their business strategy, identifying opportunities and risks as a way to enhance revenue, margins and brand value. Organisations with a broader, more strategic plan for sustainability will drive innovation across their enterprise as well as influencing what their customers want and view the firm as and how their suppliers operate.

Marketing is undeniably the front line for responsible business. Marketing is the key to encouraging sustainable living. Those values that are painted as positive and conducive to a better life are called inner-directed values whilst those portrayed as negative and undesirable, leading naturally to selfishness and greed are called outer-direct values. Brands who figure out what makes consumers tick rather than trying to change them can appeal to a consumer’s full range of drives; sense of freedom, home, playfulness, power and sensuality. Whereas brands that do not have nurturing, well-being and collaborative at the heart of their marketing are often left behind and less popular amongst consumers.

Avant Garde Ideals highlight the 4 key human elements that they have discovered consumers like to see in a marketing campaign of a sustainable business:

Contentment – to minimise harm and probability of bodily destruction

Nurturance – to facilitate domestic and social bonding

Seeking – to reward curiosity, survival abilities, achievement and excitement about achieving desired goals e.g. food and stimulation

Assertiveness – to triumph over restrictions on freedom of action

This insight has presented a more balanced view of consumerism and how brands meet a consumer’s basic needs.

Avant Garde Ideals is a leading event marketing firm based in Manchester. The firm provide support and solutions for their clients and their event sales representatives in the field. The firm connect with their clients’ customers directly on a face-to-face basis. This helps to improve brand management, customer acquisitions, professionalism. By using direct sales methods Avant Garde Ideals can guarantee a 100% return on investment. Avant Garde Ideals have launched the investigation into the role marketing plays in earning the title of a sustainable brand as they are striving to become a more sustainable brand themselves. 

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