Avant Garde Ideals: Marketing Industry Demands Millennials

Millennials are the generation born between 1977 and 2000. Currently Millennials make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases, which is estimated to be over a trillion pounds in direct buying power and a huge influence on older generations. Avant Garde Ideals state why the marketing industry is demanding Millennials.

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Avant Garde Ideals believe that Millennials possess important qualities that make them great salespeople and marketers.Millennials are digital natives, and adopt new technologies seemingly twice as fast as the rest of the world (56% of Millennials report they are either one of very first to try new technology or among the first group to try a new technology). They are also comfortable using social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to build relationships with prospects and establish a personal brand. Millennials also take initiative – over 50% of Millennials already have, or hope to, start their own business. This entrepreneurial spirit translates into finding new ways to sell, whether it's optimizing their messaging for the best open rates or responding to emails with cheeky memes.Millennials take their approach to selling like a science; they test everything from subject line, to time of day, to length of email. Avant Garde Ideals state this testing is crucial and made possible because Millennials salespeople embrace data and technology and innately use it to their advantage on the sales field.

Millennials are the most targeted demographic in the marketing industry, mostly out of fear from brands that believe if they don't secure Millennials as brand ambassadors now that may never catch them. Avant Garde Ideals believe that Millennials are highly sought after in the marketing industry due to the fact many businesses feel they need to understand the way they think.

Avant Garde Ideals are on the look-out for Millennials to fill their latest sales and marketing roles; applicants interested in developing their sales skills should contact the firm. It is Avant Garde Ideal's team of highly skilled individuals - who pride themselves on being the best across the events and promotions sector - that are integral to their current and future success.

Based in Manchester, Avant Garde Ideals is a local leader in the outsourced event sales industry.The firm's force of event sales representatives provides professional presentations to more than 3000 new customers each business day. The firm provide their clients with services such as event marketing, brand management, customer service, customer acquisitions and market testing.

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