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Pressat is a cost effective way to distribute press releases, news stories and announcements.

Rapidly generate buzz and media exposure for your business, organisation or brand with no hidden costs, just one flat price!

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All in One Package Features £50.00
Per release
Targeted media outlets
Newsdesks, journalists, editors, magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, news websites & bloggers.

Who receives my press release?
Branded newsroom
Build a social media newsroom to match your brands identity, allowing you to support your press releases with a media ready space.
Rapid distribution
We aim to publish press releases and start distribution within 15 Minutes of submission (if required)*.
Optimised for search engines
Your press release is optimised for search engines and their semantic requirements making your news search engine friendly and accessible to robots.
Press releases are hosted on our website for visibility.
Social media distribution
All press releases are distributed through a wide variety of social platforms, here are some we target: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing, Quora, Wordpress and Tumblr.
Indexed In major search engines
Pressat helps increase the natural position of your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Blekko by providing a search engine friendly press release with targeted keywords and links of your choice.
Additional coverage
Pressat also provides distribution through external newswires and syndication networks such as M2 Newswire, Newstex, Moreover and Daylife, Redtram etc (where applicable). Please see the additional services table below for more options such as the Press Association & Reuters.
6 x media attachments
Enhance your release with media attachments including images, videos & documents
2 x Website links
Each press release can be enhanced with a maximum of two click-able hyperlinks of your choice. These must be naturally relevant to the content such as linking to further resources, documents, social media accounts.
8 x Keyword tags
You can optimise your press release with 8 key words which will provide an added layer of visibility via search engines.
2 x sector specific categories
You can target your news towards relevant media sectors making sure it reaches the right people. For example your press release can to be published towards Business & Finance, Technology, Marketing etc...
1 x press release body highlight
Each press release can be enhanced with a featured quote box which can highlight a specific part of your news and increase customer interaction.
RSS feed Inclusion
All press releases are visible through our RSS feed which is crawled constantly by thousands of aggregators.
Web/PDF and print viewing formats
Press releases come automatically loaded with PDF and Print Friendly versions for easy sharing and distribution.
Press release viewing statistics
All press releases are monitored and tracked by our team providing key words, impressions and page view statistics to help visualise the performance of your PR.
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Additional Services Price [No VAT]
Press Association
From £499
Copy Proofing
PR Writing
PR Translation

Bulk Distribution Price [No VAT]
5 Submissions PCM
10 Submissions PCM
25 Submissions PCM
50 Submissions PCM
100 Submissions PCM
For more information regarding our tailored bulk distribution packages, please see the agency brochure.

Charities & Non-profits

We currently offer charities, non-profit organisations and do-gooder's free press release distribution through our newswire. Please click here for more information.