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Where's our phone number?

One of our main objectives is to provide customers with the most cost-effective distribution service. Some of the ways we achieve this is by removing the need for any expensive call centres, allowing us to pass the savings on to you!

Our current contact methods include a live chat system via our website, email and post. These methods enable staff to efficiently communicate with clients and accurately convey your requirements throughout our teams.

Who receives my press release?

We treat each news story with the individual care and attention it deserves. No piece of news is the same as the next. Unlike our competitors we do not mailshot news to the same tired mailing list no box in your news to a specific sector or niche.

Instead each press release is carefully assessed to determine the goals, target audience and the most effective publications who are most likely to cover the news.

From there we pitch your news to a highly targeted selection of journalists, editors, freelancers, bloggers and news desks across the those publications.

As part of our standard service all press releases are automatically syndicated through an array of news engines including Newstex, Moreover, Daylife, M2, Acquire Media, Topix, Google News and Newslink.

How do recipients receive releases?

Contacts receive your news through various methods including email, telephone, fax, ftp uploads, terminals and RSS syndication.

When does distribution start?

Each press release is individually assigned to an editor with the distribution process starting immediately after publication. Please note this process can take up to several hours and in some cases longer due to the time it takes to research media contacts and contact/ pith to the related journalists and media contacts.

What statistics are available?

General viewing statistics are included with all press release submissions. This allows clients to see how many visitors read your story, the number of media interactions and social media statistics.

Media Interaction:

The number of times someone has interacted with the press release such as social sharing, media downloads, copy & paste, print etc...

Average time on release:

This is the average time a visitor spends reading your press release.

Page views:

This is the exact number of unique visitors that have landed on your press release.

What payments methods are accepted?

Pressat currently accepts several methods of payment to allow for around the clock submission (24 hours a day). These include:

Are press releases distributed outside the UK?

Worldwide distribution can be carried out through our partnership with NASDAQ OMX, the world's leading international news agency. This allows us to leverage their global infrastructure to cover a wide range of demographics.

Some of the countries we provide this service for are:

Latin America, Middle East, United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, Russian, Asia pacific and many more.

Do you translate press releases?

Yes! Research shows that only 33% of active internet users are English speaking which is why we have introduced a fixed fee translation service.

Available languages:

Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Czech Danish Dutch English (British) Finnish French French (Canada) German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Norwegian Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Europe) Romanian Russian Spanish (Latin America) Spanish (Spain) Swedish Tagalog Thai Turkish Vietnamese

Please see the press release translation service page for more details.

Do you provide regulatory announcement services?

Yes! Whether you announcing quarterly results, attracting investors or sharing market moving news we can provide a fully licensed UK and EU regulatory announcement service to meet your companies legal requirements.

Please see our regulatory disclosure services page for further information.

Why has my press release not had the desired impact?

We do not pay journalists to cover a news story.

Unfortunately distributing a press release does not guarantee that a publication will necessarily cover the news. As a news distributor we place your story in front of the right people who have the means to run with it. This vastly increases your chances of receiving coverage but the decision to cover the story lies with the media contact themselves.

Due to editorial calendars, news beats, freelancers, forward features etc it can sometimes take weeks or even months for coverage to appear.

What keywords should I use?

When adding keywords to your press release you should aim to use words which best describe your news to aid people searching for your news through search engines.

Do you provide press release clipping?

At present we do not provide press release clipping reports as our main focus is distribution. News clipping is a wide and complex industry due to the variation of publications such as TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Websites, Blogs etc that need to be continually tracked simultaneously. For monitoring online mentions we recommend using Google Alerts.