Why choose us?

Pressat has distributed news for thousands of businesses across the UK from startups to national household brands. We’ve gained media coverage for our clients in a number of local, regional and national news publications.

Attracting publicity for your business is easy with Pressat! We take the leg work work out of distribution by sending your news to a selection of hand-picked of media contacts across the UK (and beyond).

Pressat not only sends your news to traditional off-line media sources such as newspapers and magazines but also harnesses the power of online social media to spread your word further.

We also offer additional supplementary distribution methods through our exclusive partnerships with regional feeds such as Thomson Reuters and Press Association.

take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose Pressat to gain media coverage today!

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Your own newsroom

Pressat allows you to create and tailor a professional social media newsroom(SMNR) which can be personalised to mirror the colour of your brand and its relevant information.

A newsroom gives your business a personalised page on Pressat where key information about your business is visible to customers; this includes media contact Information, social accounts and your latest press releases.

Unlike some of our competitors we don't charge you for creating a newsroom, it's completely free with no limitations.

Increase search visibility(SEO)

Increasing your brand’s online presence and search engine visibility is paramount in today's digital age. We give you the ability to blast your site into the heart of the web.

With Pressat your news is automatically syndicated through our online aggregation partners meaning your news is not only visible on Pressat but across a hub of news sites.

Our news platform abides by the latest search techniques which makes sure your new is easily accessible by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Handpicked media outlets

At Pressat we believe every slice of news is different, we don’t just email everyone's story to the same old list. Our editorial team hand vets each release and picks a selection of unique media sources that accurately relate to your news. This makes sure your news is sent to the most targeted sources to increase media pickup.

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Increase Sales

The ultimate goal for every business is to generate sales. Pressat can help your brand generate new leads by attracting customers from local and national sources across the UK.

We send your news to the places that matter, tapping into customer sources your business may delve into new areas. Remember, the internet is buzzing with millions of people searching for services and products with an aim to buy.

Increase brand awareness

Pressat can help your brand achieve maximum awareness across valuable media channels and dominate your specific business sector.

Keeping your brand fresh in the eyes of the media with newsworthy stories portrays an active approach to customers and journalists.

Social presence

Each press releases comes loaded with a powerful social widget which allows you or anyone reading your story the ability to share with friends or across the web.

We also distribute your news across the top social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and many more.