Zenith Ideas Future Proof their Brand Strategy

Zenith Ideas announced this week the new changes they have made to the company to ensure their strategies are future proof.

It is extremely important to future proof brand strategies because consumer needs and expectations change all the time. People’s values shift dramatically every couple of years, changing their needs and expectations from brands. Brands need to adapt and stay relevant by ensuring they have future proofed their brand strategies.

Zenith Ideas has highlighted some key tips on how to make a brand future proof that they have introduced into their business.
1. Stick to the brand’s original values
It takes a long time to build a strong reputation amongst consumers as a brand that creates products and services that they love. The current market environment makes it tempting to profit at the expense of the brand, for example reducing quality or discounting, but these actions can come at the cost of demolishing the brand’s competitive advantage and customer goodwill that has taken years to build.

2. Be continually persuasive
Brands must actively seek to continuously influence consumer behaviour with big ideas that are delivered creatively and persuasively. Brands must change continuously to stay relevant. Larger brands tweak their marketing and design strategies to make sure they always have their customers’ attention, smaller brands should also learn from this example.

3. Learn the market
To keep up with regular market changes, commissioning research or reading trend reports will only give you so much knowledge. To learn more the best thing to do is to spend time with the consumers, listen to them, experience how they live and see what the brand means to them.

4. Be innovative
Whether this be thinking outside the box and making a completely new product that the brand has never sold before or selling to new markets, businesses of all sizes should be continuously looking for ways to be innovative. These changes could be large or small in scale but they must happen as stagnation is a hindrance to long-term success.

5. Think like a competitor
Many companies are too slow to respond to market changes because they’re worried about alienating their current customers, so thinking of how competitors might challenge the brand can help business owners to make the hard decisions necessary to grow.

Zenith Ideas also believe that alongside these tips it is important for a brand to stay relevant and keep up with current trends. For example, visual communications drive engagement like no other form of content, this could be through social media or marketing. Consumers also want great customer service across several platforms and means of communication so Zenith Ideas says that brands should ensure that they have these methods in place.

Zenith Ideas is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm based in Dublin. The firm specialises in improving their clients brand awareness, brand loyalty and customer acquisition through face-to-face interaction with consumers. By connecting with consumers directly the firm can create long-lasting and personalised relationships between the brand and consumer, which in turn drives quality sales and offers the client a high ROI.

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