Will British Household Brands Increase Marketing Performance in 2014? Atlas Outsourcing Investigates

Ambitious outsourced events marketing firm, Atlas Outsourcing investigates how British companies will increase marketing performance in 2014.

Matt Stewart, managing director of events marketing firm, Atlas Outsourcing believes many of the UK’s leading household brands are in a strong position to improve their marketing performance this year. As more businesses in the UK are pushing for more accurate reporting and demanding higher ROI, Atlas Outsourcing believe brands will be more aware of their marketing spend and overall results leading to a higher overall performance in 2014.

Tracking and measuring the performance of marketing campaigns is very important in being able to work out the returns on marketing investments. It also highlights whether or not the campaign achieved objectives and had any effect on customers and target audience. By measuring the performance of each marketing campaign, businesses are continuously learning and thereby improving. This allows for fine tuning of campaigns and a better understanding of how a target audience interacts with brand exposure.

Atlas Outsourcing outlines the three main benefits of monitoring marketing performance for a company:

1. It allows a company to reach customers effectively – If a firm tracks various marketing efforts, an understanding is gained of the channels and messages that lead to the best results with potential and existing customers.

2. Companies spend more wisely – This is because firms will understand which marketing efforts are creating the best value in terms of profits gained, brand exposure, customer retention and loyalty. Marketing budgets can then be focused on these efforts.

3. It allows for business growth – As a firm is better informed about the needs of customers, the brand message and promise can be refined to build strong relationships with customers.

Matt Stewart believes cross-channel marketing will be more prominent in 2014. Cross-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers. As the number of potential marketing channels grows even further, cross-channel marketing campaigns will continue to be key for reigning in top-tier customers. Atlas Outsourcing has already been approached by companies wishing to introduce event direct marketing campaigns to complement their mass-media marketing strategies.

Atlas Outsourcing is an event marketing firm based in Reading. The firm offers a number of services for UK businesses that will increase sales, boost revenue and generate a high volume of customers. Atlas Outsourcing concentrates on delivering face to face sales techniques via promotional event marketing campaigns.

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