Why Prologic Acquisitions Are Making the Most of Networking Opportunities

Prologic Acquisitions have always been forward-thinking in their approach to business, and this has given them the edge when it comes to the competition. Keeping an eye on their competition has always been a priority to them, however they have also found that it’s well worth getting to know their competitors and building good relationships with them. While other companies shy away from getting too close to their competition, Prologic Acquisitions positively seek them out. Their philosophy is that there is much to be learnt from other people working in their field, and while healthy competition remains, it is built on the foundations of great relationships.

This is a brilliant way to do business and it has stood them in good stead within the marketing industry. They are well-known amongst similar companies and the way that they reach out to similar companies means they are also very well respected. Managing Director Lawrence Randall has always been passionate about the power of networking, saying, ‘Networking is central to everything that I do and I would not have taken Prologic Acquisitions to the level that it is at now had I not embraced all of the networking opportunities available to me. I am genuinely interested in what similar companies are up to and I have found that while we are rivals in one sense, we all operate in different markets and sometimes even different countries - so there is plenty of room for everyone to thrive. I joined all of the larger networking groups very early on and they have given me many great leads and I have also made a lot of friends in the process’.

The networking groups that Mr Randall speaks of are set up in order to help promote growth and motivate companies. The sharing of knowledge and information is mutually beneficial to all delegates so it is no wonder that there are so many subscribed members. Mr Randall encourages all business leaders to get involved with networking groups as they are so great for raising your profile and increasing brand awareness.

The direct marketing industry is a thriving one with plenty of room for everyone to make their mark. This tried and tested method of acquiring new customers through devising personalised approaches never fails to deliver impressive results, so it’s no wonder that companies such as Prologic Acquisitions are in such high demand. Mr Randall plans to raise his profile even further in the market by speaking at more events and meeting more like-minded people.

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