Why does the UK lead the world for “bus times” searches?

Public transport is split into so many companies and is so fragmented it is near impossible for travellers to tell what service or which timetables can affect them

88% of bus companies are small businesses employing less than 50 people. They can’t all afford the app developer costs and even if they could, just how many apps do you need to find alternative buses and routes. Bus companies don’t provide timetables from their rivals, so you’re on your own when looking for information.

Add to that, UK public transport services are operating on the extreme edge of capability and, as we all know, when things go wrong they can go spectacularly wrong, leaving travellers frustrated and angry without any effective information or alternatives.

With the UK bus services being responsible for around two thirds of all public transport journeys and their economic contribution valued at £5.3 billion it is clear the bus industry, indeed the public transport industry as a whole, is vital. Consumer information has an important role in this industry.

Buzs.Me, a new public transport monitoring service aims to provide clear, concise information and assist the traveller with planning, implementing and altering their journeys.

The service allows anyone to find the right timetables along with the location and wait times for their transport. Designed for the smart phone screen size and slower data speeds Buzs.Me endeavours to give a degree of control back to the commuter. Smart phone and tablet users can easily look up details on the run and can keep track of their transport in real time. Regular users can set up daily alerts. These are sent directly to you by SMS to any UK mobile phone or email via any Internet connected device making it possible to react to events and stay informed.

The real time bus tracking and the train Live Departure Boards, train tracking and flight data provides a high level of information accuracy allowing you to feel in control and be more productive.

And when things do go wrong you can use the find me function or the journey planner to establish what your alternatives and their wait times can be.

Buzs.Me compiles multiple feeds and resources into one convenient, easily digestible free resource.

“With Buzs.Me passengers can be made aware of any delays and know exactly when the next will arrive allowing them to plan journeys more effectively. Why wait at the bus stop when you can wait snugly in a coffee shop?”

Buzs.Me provides bus timetables, bus wait times, bus real time tracking, train timetables, train Live Departure Boards, train tracking and train location for England, Scotland and Wales as well as all TfL bus, tube, overground, river bus and tram timetables and real time tracking. They also provides flight departures, flight arrivals, airport status for all major airports worldwide and a worldwide journey planner.

The service is now live and can be accessed at: http://buzs.me

Notes to editor:

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