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New research has revealed that despite the many sacrifices business owners make to fulfil their dreams, they are still happier as entrepreneurs than they were as employees. MarketStorm Global investigates the findings and shares why being a business owner is good for the soul.

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Research has found that despite the many sacrifices business owners make – limited family time, a hectic schedule and an unpredictable income - the majority are far happier than they were when they were employees. The study, which was commissioned by online printing firm Instantprint, was launched to uncover what makes business owners happy as well as their concerns and overall wellbeing.

Whilst the study found that 46% of respondents felt their family time was affected by their desire to own a business, and another 40% had concerns about their income; more than half of those interviewed claimed to have found more self-confidence since launching their own ventures. 70% of respondents also stated that they would never go back to working for someone else, and despite 71% reporting an increase in stress since becoming a business owner, they were also far happier being able to work on their own terms.

MarketStorm Global,Miami's premier events, retail and in-store marketing promotion company was not surprised by the findings of the research and have long believed that the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to entrepreneurship. Unlike other career options, owning a business has endless possibilities and provides people with the rare opportunity to do things on their own terms and build something from nothing. Launching a business also offers people the chance to create a legacy for their families, and add value to the world, all whilst living out their ultimate business goals. MarketStorm Global is adamant that these factors can greatly increase an individual's overall happiness and are just some of the reasons as to why so many business owners in the study felt their lives had improved since becoming entrepreneurs.

As avid supporters of entrepreneurship, Marketstorm Global is committed to the development of talented entrepreneurs within the sales and marketing sector. To ensure the continued growth and success of their industry the firm have specially developed programs to help young professionals gain the necessary skills and experience to become business owners in the future. By offering a range of optional workshops, networking events and skills development opportunities to their workers, the firm help young industry professionals discover their dreams and see just what is possible to achieve within one of the world's fastest growing industries.

Based in Miami, Marketstorm Global are leading providers of event marketing solutions and have helped a number of international brands gain market exposure and increase sales. Through engaging retail promotions and pop up events the firm focus on building strong customer relationships and deliver a more personalized customer experience, which provides their clients with the means to grow and expand both nationally and internationally.

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