Wallace Morgan Inc. Maintain Growth Momentum in Competitive Markets

MD Tommy Smith at Wallace Morgan Inc. credits controlled growth for the firm’s success since the start of 2014.

Wallace Morgan Inc. is a newly established direct marketing firm in New York. The ambitious start-up, who set up business in Manhattan at the start of the year, have maintained a steady growth. With only a few months under their belts, it might seem a bit early to be discussing success stories, however, with such a huge demand for direct marketing, Wallace Morgan Inc. has witnessed immediate results. Managing director Tommy Smith at Wallace Morgan Inc. says, “The demand for direct marketing is always increasing. so it’s important we have a plan in place to manage the growing requirements of our clientele.”

The sudden surge in business encouraged Wallace Morgan Inc. to produce a ‘controlled growth’ strategy. This means that Wallace Morgan Inc. will always remain in complete control of their success. They are the ones who make the decisions of when to expand and how they will growth.

It’s inevitable that every business wants to grow, but it’s important to highlight the dangers from growing too quickly can have on a business. Un-controlled growth could in fact result in the failure of a business. ACS Distance Education have outlined the symptoms of un-controlled growth and encourage businesses to keep a look out for these occurrences, to avoid losing control completely. These symptoms include runaway costs, a lack of overall co-ordination, an excessive increase in staff numbers, a climbing turnover rate and an increasing backlog of work. On the other hand, ACS Distance Education encourage businesses to consider growing their business when the following situations occur: a gradual increase of sales, products or services are being a competitive prices, excellent communication lines within the business and costs are being controlled closely.

Tommy Smith at Wallace Morgan Inc. claims that, “Our objective is to control our growth, we refuse to be a business that fails to deliver quantifiable results due to unmanageable growth.” It is this mentality, along with their ‘quality over quantity’ policy that has led to Wallace Morgan Inc.’s success to date. The firm strongly believe that with controlled growth comes satisfied customers as they are always delivering quality results.

Wallace Morgan Inc. is an outsourced sales and marketing start-up located in the heart of Manhattan. The firm achieve quality results for their clients by setting up professional events, promotions and brand awareness campaigns. The firm’s successful start to the year has prompted the firm to make international growth plans, at a steady and controlled rate.


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