Ventas Central’s 8 Beliefs that will Improve Resilience

It is people’s beliefs about work that makes them stronger or weaker performers. Outsourced sales and marketing firm Ventas Central reveal their top eight beliefs that will encourage entrepreneurs to embrace that much needed ‘can-do-anything’ attitude.

Ventas Central is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in London. The firm specialises in improving their clients’ customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness, as well as delivering a high return on investment for their clients. To do this, the firm uses direct marketing techniques such as face-to-face communications with consumers in order to offer a more personalised service and to create long-lasting bonds between the consumer and the clients’ brand. Ventas Central believes in teaching all those that work with them to have a positive attitude, as this is crucial to building good business relationships.

Ventas Central believes that many people focus on things that they cannot control rather than things that they can, such as their own beliefs, their own attitude, their own emotions and their own behaviour. What people believe about work can largely determine how they feel and what actions they take, highlights the firm. The firm states that, by dwelling in the past it can generate emotions that can affect a business in a negative way, whereas positive attitudes and beliefs will impact the business in a good way. This will make the difference between someone being a strong or a weak performer in the business.

Ventas Central reveal their top eight beliefs that will help entrepreneurs perceive their business in a much more positive way and will propel people to handle anything the business world throws at them:

  • 1.“Today’s success can breed tomorrow’s failure if I let success make me complacent about staying motivated and moving forward.”
  • 2.“I learn more from failure than from success. Failure renews my humility, sharpens my objectivity and makes me more resilient.”
  • 3.“Goals that contain the phrase ‘I’ll try’ are self-defeating. If I want goals that truly motivate me, I will use phrases like ‘I will’ and ‘I must’.”
  • 4.“What holds most people back is fear of failure but if I don’t take action, I’ll fail by default, so what have I got to lose?”
  • 5.“What I say reinforces what I think so if something is about to come out of my mouth that doesn’t serve my purpose I should simply keep my mouth shut.”
  • 6.“I am responsible for my own happiness, so when other people are unkind to me, it reminds me to be kind to myself.”
  • 7.“There are five magic words that make even the most difficult business situation easier to handle. Those words are ‘Do not take it personally’.”
  • 8.“While there are situations where strong emotions are appropriate, most business situations are not worth even an ounce of misery.”

Ventas Central encourages all entrepreneurs and business owners to stop and think about these eight beliefs and adopt them as their own beliefs in order to deal with situations in a way that will not negatively impact their business. 

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