Ventas Central Warn Major Changes Ahead for Behavioural Online Advertising

According to an article posted on Marketing Week in October 2013, the ASA are trying to crack down on online adverts. Ventas Central insist that many businesses return to more traditional direct marketing tools as they are straight forward and enhance customer relationships.

New research undertaken by the ASA, the Advertising Standards Authority, reveals that 77% of companies that signed up to self-regulation could potentially be found in breach of transparency rules ( Josh Peace, Managing Director of Ventas Central, says: “Online advertisements need to become simpler and more transparent. There needs to be an easy way to opt out.” Ventas Central believe the increased demand for direct marketing campaigns is directly linked to the issues many brands face with online marketing communications.

Between February and June this year, the ASA has received 77 complaints, most of which related to the inability to opt out of online advertising ( Josh Peace of Ventas Central says: “Businesses want processes to be simple. There are so many things marketers have to focus on, such as advertising tools, budget, ROI and so on, so they are looking for a simple, honest and transparent way to do their advertising.”

Unfortunately, it is difficult for the ASA to gain enough information to pursue complaints against some individual adverts or company to effectively enforce the rules. It is an extraordinarily complex and fast-moving area and the volume of online behavioural adverts means that no regulator could ever do more than scratching the surface ( “Direct marketing however is simple and produces immediate results. It is completely transparent as consumers have the chance to speak to someone directly and have all their questions answered,” explains Josh Peace of Ventas Central. “Direct marketing reduces the number of complaints and allows businesses to concentrate on the actual marketing part instead of trying to find a way through the complicated online advertising jungle,” Josh Peace continues.

Ventas Central is an outsourced direct marketing firm based in the heart of Islington, in North London. “Transparency and customer satisfaction are our main priorities,” says Managing Director Josh Peace. The firm has seen an increase in demand for more direct forms of marketing. “Our clients do not just appreciate that they only pay us for delivered results, but they love the closeness to the consumer and the feedback we can pass on to them within the same day,” adds Josh Peace. Ventas Central have generated nearly 21,000 customers for their clients only this year and are planning to expand into further markets by 2014.


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