Ventas Central Offer Advice on Handling Sales Leads

Direct marketing specialists, Ventas Central, have highlighted how all sales must be treated individually. The firm have offered three things to remember in order to turn a sales lead into a loyal customer.

North-London based, Ventas Central point out that sales leads can come from anywhere and have highlighted the fact that the more customer information a business has the better. The more information available, the easier it will be to determine how the customer thinks and how they would like to be treated in order for them to become a loyal customer.

It is extremely important to consolidate and share data between the marketing and customer service departments. No customer wants to be told of one deal by one person and then offered a better deal from the same company after already making a purchase. This leads to customers becoming frustrated with the lack of communication.

Ventas Central is offering three things to remember in order to get the best results from sales leads:

1. It may require several “touches” – Not all respondents will be willing to buy something from a particular brand and so businesses must create a “nurture” programme that ensures all respondents that aren’t immediate leads are not just discarded. Start building a ‘live’ profile of prospects and relevant nurturing material. The lead may come back to the firm with queries about a product or solution – the contact centre will hold this vital data to enable the next ‘touch’ to be relevant.

2.Keep them interested using multiple forms of media – Each customer is different and will prefer different means of communication. Ensure that the business is considering a vast range of media for following up with a customer. This could be: a meeting in person, instant messaging, as well as phone conversations. Ensure to keep the information that reveals their preferred method of communication. If it is email then a phone call might annoy them so ensure this information is being used.

3.Gather the right information and feed this into the CRM – Keep prospect information as up to date as possible. This will make it easier to deliver a more personal experience for potential buyers. If a customer has complained about the product or service they will not want to receive promotional information until after their complaint has been dealt with and they are happy. All of this information should be held within the customer service department.

Ventas Central is a London-based outsourced sales company. They work in partnership with their clients to develop strong sales and marketing campaign that help clients produce maximum market penetration. They use face-to-face promotions to meet with potential and existing customers in person allowing them to present products to them without distractions.

The firm uses direct marketing methods as it enables them to interact with customers directly. They consider their human interaction as the best form of communication and believe that this makes them more likely to close the deal with potential sales leads. By using their direct sales and marketing approach they receive feedback from consumers at the point of sale which allows them to remain one step ahead of market changes. At Ventas Central their aim is to build brand loyalty and retain customers to guarantee long-term growth for their clients’ business.

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