Ventas Central: 3 Ways to exceed expectations in your first managerial role

Ventas Central, a leading direct sales and marketing firm offer their top three tips for professionals looking to prove themselves in their first managerial role.

About Ventas Central:

Ventas Central explore the challenges that are presented to new managers in their first role.With many aspects of their existing position changing, Ventas Central offer their easy-to-implement guide to starting off on the right foot as a first time manager.

1. Establish your own leadership style - Leadership styles differ from person to person and each manager needs to establish their own style.To get started on the right foot a manager needs to portray and display the behaviours they wants to cultivate from their team.Lead by example, be the best example to fellow colleagues and it will be easier to demand the same standards.

One common mistake that new managers make is to immediately enact a number of sweeping changes. While it can be tempting to rely on this go-getter mentality, it's often more effective to learn the current processes and logistics before trying to change them. Gather insights from staff members, suppliers and customers before implementing realistic improvements — rather than make changes to make a personal statement.

2. Adjust to altered relationship dynamics – After being promoted within the company, the dynamics of current relationships will soon shift. Some co-workers may now answer to you, and people who were once superiors may now be your peers.

To establish a new relationship with peers it is important to maintain professionalism and integrity.Managers can still be friends with their team, be firm but fair but understand that results achieved are determined by the leadership style.

3. Assume new responsibilities – "Before becoming a manager, you were only responsible for completing your own tasks. Now you must also ensure that your team members are productive," claims Ventas Central.

Be clear on goals, and have an action plan to achieve those.It's not uncommon to feel unsure on how to manage a certain situation or task. Don't be afraid to seek help from other managers in the company. It shows that it is ok to ask for help and assistance and will help create a solid team culture.

When mistakes occur, take the opportunity to teach and correct, rather than criticise. Ventas Central says, "You will quickly earn respect for your expertise, and soon the people reporting to you will trust your leadership implicitly."

Ventas Central is a London based sales and event marketing firm that specialises in creating and implementing engaging direct marketing campaigns. The firm believe that face to face communication can help businesses to improve their customer relationships and as such, meet with customers on behalf of their clients. Through the meaningful customer relationships they develop Ventas Central provides their clients with the means to boost customer acquisition and retention, which widens their market reach and helps to drive a greater quantity of sales.

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